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More About Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are renowned for their soft texture and material and beautiful tribal patterns and designs with vibrant colors. Initially, they were created for functional purposes, such as providing warmth or protecting floors from dirt and moisture, and as decoration for celebrations. They are often handwoven by women and can take several months to complete, depending on size, design, and available time. Unlike most other types of rugs, Moroccan rugs are woven upside down. The weaver begins at the top of the rug, working downwards towards the bottom. This unusual weaving method results in a rug that is incredibly sturdy and durable. It also creates a distinctive textured surface that is perfect for absorbing dirt and debris. For centuries, Moroccans have used this traditional weaving technique to create beautiful and long-lasting rugs.


Today Moroccan rugs are typically made from wool by one of the forty-five distinct Moroccan Berber tribes in the country and have become increasingly popular among interior designers and homeowners, thanks to their striking appearance. 


How Can You Tell if a Moroccan Rug Is Real?


Genuine Moroccan rugs are made by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. As a result, each Moroccan rug is truly one-of-a-kind.


There are several ways to tell if a Moroccan rug is genuine. First, look at the overall design. Moroccan rugs often feature intricate patterns and bright colors. Second, examine the construction of the rug: Moroccan rugs are made with tightly woven natural wool, and the threads should be evenly spaced. Finally, consider the price. Authentic Moroccan rugs can be costly due to their uniqueness and craftsmanship.


Caring for your Moroccan Rug


With proper care and cleaning, Moroccan rugs can last for generations. As with other luxury and oriental rugs, the key to extending the life of a Moroccan rug is to vacuum it regularly and avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive moisture.


When vacuuming a Moroccan rug, it is essential to use a delicate setting on your vacuum cleaner and to avoid brushing the fibers too harshly to avoid breakage and shedding. Overall. Moroccan rugs are high-quality rugs that require low maintenance. With a little effort, you can vacuum your Moroccan rug without damaging it, keeping it looking beautiful for years to come.



Do Moroccan Rugs Shed?


Moroccan Rugs are well-known for their durability, which is why many people use them in high-traffic areas like living rooms and entryways. One of the main concerns in regard to long-pile Moroccan rugs is shedding, however, top-quality rugs, such as the ones made with Atlas wool have minimal shedding that clears after a few rounds of vacuuming.


Using a rug pad can also help minimize shedding. 

Decorating with Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are a popular choice for boho-inspired home decor because they are available in bold color combinations, tribal patterns, and a cozy, warm look and feel. They are also a great choice for a minimal-inspired space due to their simple geometric patterns, clean lines, and muted color options, achieving a timeless and more contemporary look that is the perfect complement for Scandinavian style decor.

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