Collection: Moroccan Runner Rugs

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More About Moroccan Runner Rugs

Moroccan Runner Rugs are an elegant and eye-catching addition to any space. As their name implies, Moroccan Runner Rugs are characterized by their long, narrow shape and originated in Moroccan regions such as the Middle Atlas mountains. 

These mesmerizing rugs come in a range of vibrant hues and eye-catching patterns that are perfect for adding color and depth to a room without taking up too much space. Furthermore, Moroccan Runner Rugs are incredibly durable because they are made from all-natural top-quality fibers, meaning they'll last many years with proper care. 

Best Places to Put a Moroccan Runner Rug

Hall Way

Moroccan Runner rugs are the perfect way to bring the Moroccan flare to a hallway. Not only are they long and beautifully designed, but they also provide an important function - protecting your floor from heavy foot traffic that often goes hand-in-hand with having a hallway. 

Living Room and Dining Room

A Moroccan runner rug is an excellent way to add luxury to your living room. The rug can be positioned in front of a fireplace or beneath a coffee table. 

These rugs are also an excellent choice for the dining room. The rug can go beneath the dining table or in front of a buffet. 

Bedroom and Bathroom

Moroccan runner rugs can be placed beneath a dresser or at the foot or sides of the bed. These rugs are also an excellent choice for the bathroom like in front of a sink or bathtub. Beni Ourain rugs make for an extra soft underfoot feeling for bed and bath spaces.

Best Moroccan Runner Rugs from Mehraban

Vintage Moroccan Runner High Atlas Collection

This eye-catching vintage Moroccan runner is sure to add some bold, energetic vibes to your space. With its large-scale diamond motifs in mesmerizing lilac and salmon tones, this rug offers more than just good looks. 

The symbols represented in each lozenge represent womanhood, fertility, and protection—a gentle reminder of all the powerful energy you can bring into your home. Perfect for those looking to incorporate a unique piece with depth and meaning into their contemporary interiors. 

Thoughtfully sourced from high-quality wool in the High Atlas Collection, this rug is a truly unique addition to any home, merging beautiful geometry with heartfelt sentiment. 

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Tribe Berber Runner

This unique vintage rug is a vibrant ode to the traditional weaving practices of the Boujad region. Its beautiful palette, comprised of pink, orange, turquoise, and teal hues with subtler taupe, ivory, and silver accents, gives it an ethereal glow that emanates from its checkerboard-based pattern, which breaks into ecstatic zigzags at the top center. 

Three small-scale diamond medallions further add character while providing visual interest along its vertical axis. Each one is made using recycled fibers and textile materials in honor of semi-nomadic Berber weavers who are known for their variation in pile heights/wear as well as color & textural variations in the weft-- this piece truly captures abstract artistry at its finest.

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Tribe Berber Runner

A unique vintage piece, this traditionally crafted Boujad Berber rug captivates the eye with its mesmerizing red-hued design. Three stepped diamonds form a central column that radiates outwards to create internal diamond shapes and a sawtooth border along the bottom edge. 

Colorful tones of gold, khaki, pink burgundy, and black gracefully complemented by classic deep reds make for an exceptional aesthetic experience - all masterfully woven from recycled fibers.