Collection: Orange Moroccan Rugs

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More About Orange Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are made in a wild rainbow of color palettes, so if you’re looking to bring orange tones to your interior, Moroccan rugs could be a good option.  Sunny citrus tones can be a vibrant and energetic choice, evoking warmth, enthusiasm, and creativity, or soft apricots and toasty terracottas for an earthier approach. Moroccan rugs can be found in a wide range of motifs and color combinations. You may find that pairing orange with neutral colors like grays, whites, or creams in a Moroccan rug can balance the intensity of the color, for a harmonious and sophisticated look. For a bold festive vibe, look for a Moroccan rug that combines orange with pinks, aqua blues or lavender tones.

Perhaps consider this vintage Beni M’Guild piece. Measuring 6’3”x9’11’ in orange-reds, peach and golden tones this charming rug features a composition of small blocks and fragile medallions.  Or the soft sunset tones in this Berber piece set in a boldly graphic motif. Measuring 4’10”x6’10” it is an iconic rug that couches a touch of color in its assertive structure. Or Mehraban’s own Iriqui in orange: this design evolved from Moroccan inspirations. Its simple stacking and interlocking block shapes provide for harmonious furniture placements. 

As you may imagine, it’s important to note that the intensity and shade of orange can significantly impact the mood of a space. A plethora of color tones can be found in Moroccan rugs, where colors are derived from dyed wools as well as repurposed textiles. From soft to bold and everything in between– orange palettes run the gamut.  Experimenting with different shades and combinations in rugs allows for a broad range of aesthetic possibilities for your space. You may work with throw rugs to create a composition of patterns and colors across a large room. Or for a fully integrated effect, consider a larger rug in a new production of Moroccan inspired design. We have many pieces in stock, or order a custom piece to sized to your specifications.

Vintage Moroccan rugs are often small relative to contemporary interior spaces. These rugs are created in small village productions, often to fit modest dwellings. Our Moroccan-inspired signature designs are available in many sizes. Mehraban’s signature Oasis Collection consists of Moroccan-inspired rugs hand-knotted in thick wool pile. A range of colorways are available, including palettes that incorporate orange, apricot and caramel tones. If our existing designs don’t satisfy your orange Moroccan rug needs, custom colorations are always a possibility.  

Our Atlas Collection is another option for home designers in search of the perfect of orange Moroccan rug. The Atlas Collection comprises a curation of vintage Moroccan pieces and Moroccan-inspired new designs. Here you will find vivid gold tones and orange rusts, as well as red, clay, and coral pink tones all of which may be satisfying to an orange Moroccan rug ambition. 

Whether you choose a vintage or new piece, we hope you find the perfect orange Moroccan rug to bring your interior plans to life. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help in your rug search.  Contact us here.