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More About Beni Ourain Rugs

From their bold geometric patterns to their wonderfully soft textures and modern neutral-hued designs, Beni Ourain rugs bring a unique sense of character and cozy sophistication into any interior space.


With centuries of history, Beni rugs offer the perfect combination of modern style and traditional materials. These Moroccan rugs are produced with thick, lush woven wool piles and traditional motifs of minimalist geometric patterns.


Beni Ourain rugs have become hugely popular for their beauty, durability, and neutral color palettes that blend seamlessly with all types of furnishings in indoor and outdoor spaces alike. It is clear to see the appeal Beni Ourain rugs hold for home décor enthusiasts - combining classic craftsmanship with timeless designs and a rustic-chic aesthetic that never goes out of style.

Origin of Beni Rugs

These luxurious rugs have been handcrafted by the Amazigh people in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco since antiquity. Despite a few modern adaptations, Beni Ourain rug-making has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, with weavers carefully hand-knotting one single thread at a time. Creating a Beni Ourain rug requires weeks and months of painstakingly precise work. 


Beni Ouarain is not one specific tribe but is regarded as a confederation of seventeen Berber tribes, tracing their roots to the 9th century. Beni rugs were crafted out of practical needs - they were used as beds and mats, and thick woolen fabrics served to keep the tribe warm during cold wintery desert nights.


True Beni Ourain rugs are celebrated for centuries for the amazing detail and craftsmanship put into them - each rug is crafted by the Beni Ourain women with great skill and care. Their designs are a representation of freedom - not just because of their free-flowing fractal pattern but also because of their unique designs and colors that vary from one Beni rug to another. 


The Beni Ourain rugs are hand-woven using unbleached and undyed sheep wool, creating a creamy background and authentically fluffy wispy off-white design elements - particularly with the honeycomb effect. Deep brown, grey, and black shape-shifting lines add a personal touch of creativity to Beni Ourain rugs that give them their beloved minimal timeless design. 

Beni Rugs Decoration & Maintenance

Beni Ourain rugs offer a unique, timeless elegance to any interior design scheme. A Beni rug will immediately draw attention to the room and captivate onlookers with its intricate patterns that hark back to longstanding tribal-style weaving traditions. The beni's authentic aesthetic characterizes the Moroccan and Berber regions it originates from, while also providing a contemporary twist on home furniture. With Beni rugs adding texture and personality, they are perfect for creating drama, as well as making beautiful foundations for neutral or minimalist-styled interiors. 

Whether used in the living area, bedroom, or hallway—a Beni rug can bring a little bit of nostalgia into your home without overwhelming a space.

These beautiful rugs are made with high-quality materials and their neutral colors make them easy to match with any type of furniture. As an added bonus, they don't trade beauty for practicality — Beni Ourain rugs still bring richness and depth to any room while ensuring easy maintenance. Since they are made with natural undyed wool most dirt and stains can be lifted with a vacuum or spot cleaned.

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