Collection: Pink Moroccan Rugs

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More About Pink Moroccan Rugs

Pink Moroccan Rugs bring a room to life with their unique patterns and rosy hues that invoke feelings of joy, positivity, and femininity. Pink Moroccan Rugs are sought-after pieces in home décor, adding earthy charm and a striking aesthetic to any space. 

Whether draped on the wall or used as an area rug, Pink Moroccan Rugs make for a captivating centerpiece that can't be ignored.

How Are Pink Moroccan Rugs Dyed ?

Original and artisanal Moroccan Rugs get their color from all-natural dyes. 

Typically, Pink Moroccan rugs are dyed using extracted spices like cinnamon, paprika, saffron and turmeric, as well as vegetables and fruit skins like pomegranate. This natural dyeing process can create quite gorgeous shades of pink, along with other colors. 

Once the threads have been dyed, they are hung to sun dry. The combination of materials and colors often make Pink Moroccan Rugs one-of-a-kind. Pink is especially associated with Moroccan Berber rugs since due to the rich clay-like soil that is widely available in Morocco; it allows for vivid colors to seep into the wool from which these rugs are made giving rise to a unique option when it comes to furnishing your spaces.

Pink Moroccan rugs at Mehraban

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Tribe Berber Runner

This one-of-a kind vintage rug is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design elements. Featuring alternating chevron stripes in rosy pinks and mottled brown, as well as textured diamonds with nested contours for an added touch of sophistication, the handmade piece provides subtle wabi-sabi appeal - highlighting clarity in its ambitious conception while still allowing room for playful improvisation from recycled wool fibers.

Made originally by artisans from the Boujad region of Morocco centuries ago, this elegant yet rustic classic will bring timeless vibrancy to any home decor.

Vintage Moroccan Runner High Atlas Collection

Bring the timeless beauty of North African artistry into your home with this exquisite Vintage pink Moroccan runner. Embodying womanhood and fertility, its high Atlas Collection features vibrant lilac and salmon lozenges that will charm you while protecting against malevolent energies. 

The rug’s combination of deep symbolism wrapped in bold energy makes it a captivating modern accent piece.

Vintage Moroccan Azilal Tribe Berber Rug

This impressive rug from the Azilal Tribe of Morocco showcases intricate patterns and symbols that hold great cultural value. The ivory plush field is adorned with zigzag lines that combine to form a beautiful lozenge trellis, flanked by rectangular stacks running down the center. The stunning crimson side borders add an extra touch of elegance to the piece. This remarkable rug is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also carries a rich cultural meaning that will bring depth and character to any space it is placed in.

Providing a stunning focal point of color, pink Moroccan Rugs will surely bring a sense of joy and radiance to any room that it occupies. The unique designs of these beautiful items can be seen in an array of palaces, mansions and other residences to signify the grandeur these luxurious pieces offer. 

Furthermore, because of their ability to evoke femininity and playfulness, Pink Moroccan Rugs make for an excellent home décor investment that is steeped in beauty. With so many options to choose from boasting vibrant hues and endless patterns, you can add a piece of timeless charm to your home that will make an unforgettable statement for years to come.