Rug Pads

The care of your rug underlay is just as important as the rug itself. At Mehraban, we offer rug pad products for both antique and new rugs. It is our mission that all of our rugs are kept in perfect condition and well-suited to each floor they’re placed on. 

We want our rugs to continue their purpose of adding quality and value to any space they are in. It’s imperative that all parts of your rug are taken care of. Even the parts that you can’t see. Just like the human body, we must ensure that everything is healthy. 

What is a rug pad?

A rug pad lives underneath your rug. It’s the part that keeps your rug securely in place, preventing slipping and sliding. A high-quality rug pad helps to prevent damage and keep your rug healthy, allowing you to enjoy it for a very long time. 

Whether your rug is placed on hard flooring (tile or wood), or soft flooring (carpet), rug pads are essential to the long-term health of your investment. Having an intact and properly maintained rug underlay is beneficial because:

  • You will protect the individual fibers and knots of your rug
  • You will prevent your rug from unraveling 
  • You will prevent distressed or damaged weaving
  • You will prevent unnecessary damage to your floors (especially hardwood or tile floors)

At Mehraban we have decades of industry-leading luxury rug experience. We will be more than happy to assist you with the correct rug pad option according to your rug and floor space. We are more than confident that we can assist you! With our concierge customer service and highly trained professionals, we’ll get the job done. Contact us today to find the right rug underlay for you.