Collection: Blue Moroccan Rugs

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More About Blue Moroccan Rugs

Creating a blue Moroccan rug is an art unique to North African nations. Natural dyes, such as blue indigo, are the primary color palette in creating these exquisite pieces. The blue dye distinguished blue Moroccan rugs from other similar styles of rugs, adding to their distinct beauty. Traditionally made with only blue and white colors, this limitation often produces bold and vibrant rug colors that stand out in any room. With natural dyes playing such a major role in blue Moroccan rugs, it's easy to see why many people admire these works of art for their vibrant tones and intense depth of color.

Moroccan rugs are a beautiful blend of texture and color that bring warmth and elegance to any home. Blue Moroccan rugs can be found in a variety of colors ranging from blue, teal, aqua, violet, green, brown, and even black. Each hue is achieved through natural dyes made from various plants such as indigo, madder root, and walnut. This unique process creates an organic tapestry that adorns many different interiors with its striking design and age-old tradition. Natural dyeing allows artisans to craft blue Moroccan rugs that are visually captivating, signifying both style and history.

Blue Moroccan rugs have a rich and long history, stretching back centuries. Existing in many forms such as prayer rugs, floor covering, or hanging wall art. Symbolically blue stands for nobility, clarity, and peace, which explains why blue is the most popular color around in countries from Morocco to Turkey. Blue Moroccan rugs have existed for hundreds of years, being symbols of traditional culture that can be seen in many modern homes today.

Blue Moroccan rugs at Mehraban

Mehraban host a collection of Blue Moroccan Rugs that are traditionally crafted and boast a variety of blue hues from royal blue to sky blue. For Traditional and Vintage design lovers, this Vintage Moroccan Rug from the High Atlas Tribe shows a stunning and rich royal blue base. Its symmetrical motifs of traditional geometric designs create a mesmerizing effect and its golden and burnt orange center medallion is sure to capture anyone's eye. This traditional design can add history and life to any room, and become the centerpiece and conversation starter. 

For Contemporary and Minimal design enthusiasts, the Vintage Moroccan Ourain Tribe Rug in slate blue is the perfect addition to your home. Not only is the lozenge pattern – featuring salmon and cream accents – exquisitely unique, but it also creates a stately atmosphere within any room. Whether tossed over hardwood floors or placed delicately across carpets, its classic tribal style will complement any existing furniture and décor. This Beni Ourain rug has been carefully crafted with generations of unrivaled quality and attention to detail, making it the perfect piece for defining any area conceptually or aesthetically.