The Unforgettable LEGENDS Event: Where Design and Inspiration Collide in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California - On May 11, design enthusiasts, influencers, and industry leaders converged at the renowned LEGENDS event, held in the vibrant La Cienega Design Quarter. Now in its 13th year, LEGENDS has established itself as the most sought-after event on the national design calendar, drawing thousands of attendees from around the world. Showcasing the epitome of creativity, innovation, and collaboration, LEGENDS captivated guests with three days of compelling keynotes, open houses, discussions, and unforgettable experiences.

Spearheaded by the La Cienega Design Quarter and sponsored by esteemed partners, the event boasted a stellar lineup of 31 prestigious design firms and a total of 36 talented designers.

One of the standout moments of LEGENDS was the keynote discussion featuring the acclaimed fashion and interior designer Erin Fetherston, hosted by California Home+Design's Editorial Director Lindsey Shook. The engaging conversation explored the intricate process, challenges, and successes of collaborating with major brands, while also delving into the dynamic and ever-evolving intersection between fashion and interior design.

In addition to the insightful discussion, attendees were treated to a sumptuous lunch provided by Kogi, the original Roy Choi food truck, as they explored Mehraban's one of a kind showroom. Adorned with the latest collections curated by influential collaborators, including Cesar Giraldo, Erinn V, Claudia Afshar, Erica Islas, Sue Firestone, Citizen Artist, Michael Berman, and Liesel Plambeck, the Mehraban showroom became a haven of inspiration and creativity. Guests had the unique opportunity to engage with the brilliant minds behind these designs, discovering the profound inspirations that guided their work and witnessing the artistry that transforms ideas into breathtaking rugs.

For Mehraban, the LEGENDS event sparked a newfound inspiration and commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence. Engaging with renowned collaborators and witnessing the transformative power of artistry firsthand, Mehraban was inspired to create even more extraordinary designs that merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary visions. The event served as a catalyst, fueling their passion to elevate the world of rug design and redefine what is possible.

With each interaction and exchange of ideas at LEGENDS, Mehraban's team was invigorated by the enthusiasm and creativity that permeated the event. The insightful discussions, breathtaking showcases, and networking opportunities opened doors to potential collaborations and sparked fresh perspectives. As Mehraban looks to the future, they are dedicated to channeling this newfound inspiration into their work, creating Los Angeles rugs that not only adorn spaces but also tell captivating stories.

LEGENDS proved to be a groundbreaking event that celebrated the power of design, igniting conversations, sparking new connections, and leaving an indelible mark on the design community. As the event concluded, attendees departed with hearts full of inspiration, armed with fresh perspectives, and eagerly anticipating the next chapter of design excellence that LEGENDS will undoubtedly unveil in the years to come.

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