Going Contemporary? Take the Leap with a Modern Designer Rug

Mehraban’s designer collections are collaborations between leading Southern California artists and space makers, and Mehraban– a third generation rug shop located at the heart of Los Angeles’ design district, the La Cienega Design Quarter. Each collaboration represents a vision of the contemporary interior, produced with superlative materials, craft and artistry. 

Let’s explore Mehraban’s designer collections and their many offerings.

The Baci Collection by designer duo Citizen Artist is an Italian-inspired affair. These geometric designs have an elegant formality, dappled with the occasional hints of play. The Pavimento rug used in this interior by Night Palm, has diagonal striations in a lustrous raw silk pile.

Story27 Productions Project by Night Palm featuring Pavimento rug from the Baci Collection by Citizen Artist. Photographed by Pablo Enriquez

Lush materials, vivid, on point color and imagery influenced by the artist’s Los Angeles roots and Taiwanese-American heritage characterize the Liesel Plambeck Collection. Here are two placements of Plambeck’s Year of the Snake rug. 

Miami Residence by Citizen Artist featuring the Year of the Snake rug from the Liesel Plambeck Collection. Photographed by Douglas Friedman

La Granada Residence by LALA Reimagined featuring the Year of the Snake rug from the Liesel Plambeck Collection. Photographed by Roberto Garcia

Plambeck’s Sea Surface rug is a composition of angular shapes in variegated blue, gold and umber tones of wool and silk. The refined Tibetan knot construction yields a scintillation of color and fiber that suggests, if not the sea itself, then a post-Modern impression of depth and movement.

Artist Liesel Plambeck with the Sea Surface rug from the Liesel Plambeck Collection. Photographed by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

The rugs of the Claudia Afshar Collection are refined modern designs of simple line and form in a monochrome palette of whites and neutrals. Wool and silk constructions and deep pile emphasize a luxuriously soft feeling underfoot.


Designer Claudia Afshar with the Contour rug from the Claudia Afshar Collection photographed by Sasha Benjamin

The Erinn V. Collection has bold forms and a rich neutral palette with accents of color, like the brick red in this Losa rug. This collection is designed for flexibility with an emphasis on wool– combining cut and looped pile.

Step into color with the Michael Berman Collection and its sweeping gradations of tone. This Cinnabar rug, styled for hospitality by designer Shannon Palmer, is a stunner in Berman’s luscious rosewood palette.

Erica Islas has created a collection of Los Angeles favorites. Her iconic Maison rug features the street map of our fair city, while the Schema rug invokes Tinsel Town’s Deco era– here shown in the Duistt Installation for the New York ICFF.

Mehraban’s designer collections offer a sampling of personality. Explore these rugs to find the perfect rug for the personality you wish to cultivate in your environment. Developing one’s personal taste through space-making brings life-long rewards. Let designer rugs be part of your designer journey. Through their gifts of texture and color underfoot, rugs have a lot to contribute to the character and aesthetics of a room.


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