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More About Distressed Persian Rugs

Distressed Persian Rugs — The Timeless Trend In The Interior Design World

The trend of assisted fading and abrasing rugs to give them a vintage look has been going on for decades in rug-weaving countries. Recently, this trend has started gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers throughout the world. 

The comfortable and beautifully worn appearance of vintage items has made distressed Persian rugs one of today’s most coveted floor covering choices. They add a perfect finishing touch to every space, along with giving a rustic and classic look. The variety of shapes, sizes, and styles they come in makes them a good choice to rely on for directing the theme and bringing coherence to a home, no matter what style you want to pull off. 

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about Distressed Persian Rugs — including why they are valued, why you need them, and how you can style them. 

The Process of Distressing a Rug

The first thought that comes to your mind when hearing “vintage rug” may be a rug that has worn out over time. Rugs are exposed to natural fading and the patina imparted by use create a unique color palette and give your rug character and definition. 

With this style becoming and staying a trend, rugs are also given treatments to make a new piece look aged. In the past, rugs were given a luster wash (causing colors to fade) or a tea wash (used for muting colors). Nowadays, the worn-out look derives from a range of treatments to achieve a vintage look.

The Value of Distressed Rugs

Distressed Persian Rugs are one-of-a-kind. The treatments of cutting and dying are a detailed and time-consuming process that results in a unique look for every rug. 

Most importantly, vintage rugs, which also promote sustainability, maintain their value because they are durable and a way to preserve traditional items for future generations. 

Interior Design with Distressed and Vintage Rugs

Distressed Persian rugs can create a statement piece for any room in your home. They pair  easily with different styles of furniture, table ornaments, cushions and vases and bring the whole area together.

Vintage rugs are also more than just floor coverings. They can be used as an art piece for rooms with tall walls or as a decorative covering for tables. With imagination and a sense of placement, distressed rugs can do wonders when repurposed in other ways. 

Experiment With Different Shapes and Sizes

Using a variety of shapes and sizes can lend incredible effects to a room. 

While the standard rectangular shape is a safe bet, going for a round distressed Persian rug can be a great idea for rooms already filled with rectangles and squares. They also come in runners that can be placed in bathrooms, hallways, or narrow kitchens to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.  

Where Do Distressed Persian Rugs Look Best?

A distressed Persian rug can help you achieve a timeless, vintage look, but the best part is its flexibility in design. You can mix and match bold styles with muted tones, or combine vintage with modern elements, to create the aesthetic you aim for. 

  • An all-white room: Distressed rugs often have faded colors, which is why they can be a centerpiece for an all-white room. 
  • An open space: A vintage rug can give an inviting and welcoming feel to a wide area. 
  • A modern bedroom: A distressed Persian rug in a contemporary room will add beautiful contrast, and with the right choice of color, highlight the style of your room.

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