Modern Living Room Rugs

Looking to bring your living space into the twenty-first century? Modern living room rugs can be key elements in creating an updated atmosphere. 

A modern living room is a space with many functions. From entertaining colleagues, friends, and family, to cozying up after a day at the office, the living room is where life happens.

As such, it’s a space that should feel both formal and comfortable, extending a sense of welcome to both you and your guests. Modern spaces can feel monotonous and cold when minimalism is the dominant design principle.

But add a sprinkle of texture, and everything changes. Texture speaks to our fingers through our eyes. It creates depth and engages the senses. When decoration is reductive, or color-restrained, texture offers variation and interest. 


Santa Monica Residence with Woods + Dangaran featuring the Haute Bohemian Collection. Photographed by Joe Fletcher.

In interior design, texture plays a key role that is not merely aesthetics. Strategically used, texture in modern living room rugs can evoke a range of emotions, and enhance daily life. 

Geometry plays a crucial role in interior design by determining the spatial relationships between elements, creating balance and harmony in a room. Applying geometric shapes, such as rectangles, circles, and triangles in space, helps define architectural features, guiding the eye and enhancing visual appeal.

Whether through symmetrical arrangements or the incorporation of geometric patterns, the use of geometry in interior design and modern living room rugs provide a structured framework that contributes to both aesthetic and functional aspects of a space.

The Pazzo rug by Citizen Artist, takes geometry in a playful direction with its emphasis on shapes. A charming riff of color and form gives this living room spunk.  



La Granada Residence by LALA Reimagined featuring the Baci Collection by Citizen Artist. Photographed by Roberto Garcia.

Curves in interior design add a sense of fluidity and dynamism to a space, breaking away from the rigid lines often associated with modernist grid designs.

Modern living room rugs with curves may promote a natural flow within a space. Curves can soften a space, and bring harmony, or contrast. The Catroux rug by Erinn V. is curvaceous and structured.

In this interior, the ribbon shape directs the eye, providing visual ties across the space. The arcing shapes in the rug provide a subtle contrast with the more staid qualities of the furnishings.

Erinn V. Designer Collection Campaign Shoot in Santa Barbara. Photographed by Meghan Beierle-O’Brien

Often subtle curves are a good solution, suggesting movement without disrupting the formal order. The Sands rug designed by Claudia Afshar is such a piece.

Its repetition of curves echoes the curved corners of the coffee table and sofa, while also picking up the texture of the adjacent wall treatment.


Project with Claudia Afshar featuring the Claudia Afshar Designer Collection.

Schema by Erica Islas, combines curves and straight lines that evoke delicate filigree and the reductive decorative flavor of early modern trends such as Art Nouveau and Weiner Werkstätte. In the setting below, these design hints find resonance in the post-modern references of contemporary furniture pieces.

Schema Rug installed in the Duistt Installation at New York ICFF.

There are many ways to approach interior design with modern living room rugs. Texture can pair well with minimalistic furnishings or busy spaces. Whether streamlined or elaborate, geometric motifs often mesh well with the forms of contemporary furnishings. And curved elements, which naturally bring a feeling of movement, may also provide a nice contrast to hard lines, or a harmonious sympathy to the roundness of certain pieces.

With a little creativity, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate modern living room rugs in a space  that will provide comfort and welcome for all who enter.


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