Sao Paulo by César Giraldo

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8' 11" x 11' 11"
Sao Paulo
Cesar Giraldo
Wool & Silk
Pile Weave
Design happens when a line experiences an unexpected curve and goes off into uncharted territory; a chance encounter that transcends initial ideas during creation.

This collection was inspired by my appreciation of the Art Deco movement and its effects on contemporary culture. Early on, I realized that the movement was not limited to a time in history. One sees hints of Art Deco in contemporary design and architecture everywhere, which I experience daily in Los Angeles and traveling around the world. One cannot deny the presence of this powerful movement and the impact on creativity in our present lives

There are straight lines that start the wondrous passage, and there are curves that lead one to that creative destination. I have had these creative ideas fluttering in my mind for a long time. Straight Lines Unexpected Curves are the result of these ideas.

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