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More About Heriz Rugs and Serapi Rugs

Heriz Rugs and Serapi Rugs: Their Origin and History

Heriz rugs and Serapi rugs are two types of Persian carpet that have been popular for centuries. Heriz rugs are known for their bold geometric patterns, while Serapi rugs are distinguished by their softer designs and colors. Both types of rug are hand-woven from high-quality wool, and they can last for generations with proper care. 

Heriz rugs are a type of Persian rug that is characterized by its geometric design and bold colors. The name "Heriz" comes from the city of Heris, which is located in the East Azerbaijan Province of Iran. The Heris region has been renowned for its rug-making tradition for centuries, and Heriz rugs are known for their distinctive geometric patterns and bold colors. These rugs are typically made from wool, although some may also incorporate cotton or silk. Today, Heriz rugs are highly sought-after by collectors and interior designers due to their unique style. Although they are often used as floor coverings, they can also be hung on walls or used as tapestries. 

Serapi rugs originate from the town of Sarab in East Azerbaijan as well and are characterized by its large central medallion and intricate floral motifs. These beautiful rugs are hand-knotted using woolen yarns and typically feature a cotton foundation. The serapi rug is one of the most popular types of Persian rugs, and has been exported to all corners of the world. Today, serapi rugs are appreciated for their unique beauty and craftsmanship. Although they are no longer made in Sarab exclusively, the culture and history they are associated with continue to be cherished by rug collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

Popular Colors 

Heriz and Serapi rugs come in many colors, but one of the most popular one is red. Red heriz rugs are often associated with power and passion, making them a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Other popular heriz rug colors are blue and green. These vibrant colors are often used in combination to create an eye-catching design in addition to traditional Persian motifs featuring floral or abstract patterns. 

How to decorate using Heriz and Serapi Rugs

When it comes to luxurious home decor, two of the most popular Persian rugs choices are Heriz and Serapi rugs. Both styles are easily recognizable by their unique patterns and colors, and they can add a touch of elegance to any room following a few tips:

  • Heriz rugs typically have a bolder, more geometric pattern, while Serapi rugs tend to have a more subtle, floral design. If you want to make a statement, go for a Heriz rug. If you're looking for something more subtle and soft, choose a Serapi.

  • Both styles of rug work well with neutral furniture and décor. If your room is already quite busy, opt for a simpler design in either style.

  • As mentioned before, Heriz and Serapi rugs are often made in rich warm earth tones, such as red, burgundy, and brown. These colors can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home if you choose a matching color palette.