Palace-sized Ivory, Indigo, Burgundy Vintage Heriz Rug 55238

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10' 9" x 21' 11"
Pile Weave

This vintage palace-sized Heriz rug is a stunning example of traditional Persian craftsmanship, featuring a rich array of colors, patterns, and motifs. Central to the rug's design is a series of prominent medallions that run along the central axis. These medallions are distinctively bold, predominantly colored in deep indigo, warm reds, and soft creams, with intricate detailing within each medallion that includes geometric and floral elements. The largest central medallion occupies a significant portion of the rug's middle, flanked by smaller, similarly styled medallions that add a sense of symmetry and balance to the overall design.

The ivory field surrounding the central medallions is adorned with a network of vine motifs, serrated leaves, and various geometric elements. These designs are meticulously woven, creating a background that contrasts beautifully with the vibrant medallions. The vine motifs meander gracefully across the field, interspersed with serrated leaves that add texture and depth. Geometric shapes, including diamonds and hexagons, are also found throughout, contributing to the rug's intricate aesthetic.

The borders of the Heriz rug are equally detailed and significant. The main border features a classic Herati motif, characterized by a repeating pattern of stylized fish and floral elements, set against a dark blue background. This traditional design is a hallmark of Heriz rugs, known for its complexity and visual appeal. Flanking the main border are guard borders, each adorned with vine and flower motifs that echo the designs found in the field, creating a cohesive look.

In the spandrels, or corner areas, of the rug, the coloration shifts subtly to include more vibrant reds and blues, with half medallions and other fill motifs. These areas often incorporate similar motifs as the central field but in a condensed form, adding to the overall harmony of the design.

Heriz, a region in northwest Iran, is renowned for producing robust and visually striking rugs. Heriz rugs are celebrated for their durability, often attributed to the high-quality wool and sturdy construction methods used. The designs are typically bold, with large-scale geometric patterns that stand out in any setting. The use of natural dyes ensures a vibrant yet harmonious color palette, which is a distinguishing feature of Heriz rugs. This particular rug exemplifies these characteristics, showcasing the rich heritage and skilled artistry synonymous with Heriz craftsmanship.

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