Mehraban Village Pile Rugs: Redefining the common Moroccan Shag Rug

Moroccan Shag Rug? We like to call it Village Pile


Moroccan shag rugs are a type of rug that originates from Morocco. They are typically made of wool and are hand-woven. Moroccan shag rugs are known for their thick pile and intricate geometric symbolic designs, featuring bold colors and patterns and adding a touch of Moroccan market flair to any space. Shag rugs are known to be durable and easy to care for, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas. 

While Shag Rugs have increased in popularity in recent years, the term “shag” itself is generic and fails to capture the essence of handmade pieces of elevated design and craftsmanship that have become a staple of high-end decor.

Several years ago, Mehraban Rugs saw the need for a uniquely California aesthetic that was laid back yet refined and relevant for architecturally significant spaces. In time a coastal vernacular was created which had its beginnings in the naive artistry of tribal, Moroccan rugs. Mehraban spent years perfecting the surface texture, the unique shade of ivory, the detailing, and the design to create what was originally called the Haute Bohemian Collection. This collection set a milestone of beauty of handmade Moroccan Rugs. Mehraban continued exploring, inspired by the beauty of the Californian Coast, and expanded its unique creations of Moroccan Rugs with its exclusive Kust, Atlas and Nomad Collections. 


These rugs are available in various colors, from muted earth tones to vibrant jewel tones. They can be used in multiple settings, from formal living rooms to cozy bedrooms, adding warmth and coziness to the room due to their thick, luxurious village pile.


How to style a Moroccan Shag Rug


Mix Neutrals & Colors: They can be used to add a pop of color to neutral rooms or to tie together multiple colors in a more cohesive design.


If the room is primarily neutral, a more vibrant rug can help to add interest. Moroccan shag rugs are also available in different sizes, so choose one that will fit well in the space. With a bit of planning, a Moroccan Village Pile Rug can help you create a stylish and inviting space.

Achieve Contemporary Designs using a Moroccan Shag Rug: They can create various looks, from bohemian chic to sleek and modern. With a little planning, you can use a Moroccan Village Pile rug to create a beautiful and stylish space that reflects your taste.


Moroccan shag rugs are also perfect for a minimalist interior design. The sleek lines and simple geometric patterns of these rugs create a look that is both stylish and sophisticated, blending effortlessly with contemporary and traditional furnishings. 


Types of Moroccan Rugs

Long-pile Moroccan Rugs are traditionally used for warmth and comfort in the home, creating cozy vibes and soft underfoot. Another popular type of Moroccan rug is the kilim rug, which, unlike the shag, is made from flat-woven wool. All original Moroccan rugs are made by one of the Berber tribes of Morocco and each of these rugs has its own distinct style, making them a popular choice for both home decor and collectors. Shag rugs are woven among others, in the Azilal region, characterized by colorful patterns on a neutral light woolen background, the Atlas Mountain region, and by the Beni Ourain tribes.

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