Custom Size Rugs

Luxury rugs play a pivotal role in home decor, providing not only comfort but also a touch of elegance and artistry that enhances any living space. One crucial factor that determines the impact of such a luxury rug is its size. The selection of the perfect size proves essential, as it ensures the rug fits the space flawlessly, while still harmonizing with the furniture and the overall design aesthetic. While standard sizes may fit the majority of spaces, certain rooms call for customization to accommodate unique dimensions or shapes. 

For three generations, Mehraban has been the epitome of taste, refinement, and originality, pioneering many new rug innovations while preserving the artistry and mystery of traditional rug weaving. Offering customization on a vast scale, Mehraban caters to the nuanced needs of clients who are seeking luxury rugs that go beyond standard sizes. Whether it's a long hallway, an oversized room, a dining area needing to match a particular furniture set, or simply an unusual room shape, Mehraban provides solutions in the form of custom-sized rugs. 

Sometimes the perfect design is at one's fingertips, but the size falls short. That's where Mehraban steps in, ensuring clients don't have to compromise between a preferred design and a desired fit. Mehraban's custom size rugs are the perfect blend of design, size, and high-end quality.

Accommodating Unique Spaces with Custom Size Rugs

Many a time, the search for the ideal rug extends beyond finding a pleasing design or a luxurious feel. The perfect fit, particularly for unique spaces, plays a vital role. Long corridors crying out for a warm runner, expansive rooms in need of a grand rug to fill their vastness, or peculiar corners demanding a specially shaped carpet – all these situations call for customization in size.

Catering to such precise needs, Mehraban provides a wealth of bespoke solutions. Each rug, crafted meticulously by hand, can be tailored to the specific dimensions required by clients. The age-old craft of weaving, preserved and nurtured at Mehraban, allows for a level of customization that brings even the most imaginative of visions to life.

Dining areas present another dimension to the size quandary. Here, a rug must not only fit the room but also align harmoniously with the furniture set. Striking this delicate balance, Mehraban crafts rugs to order, ensuring they sit comfortably under dining sets, enhancing the space rather than crowding it.

When layering custom size rugs, special sizes can elevate the look, adding a depth and sophistication that standard-sized rugs may fall short of. Mehraban ensures that clients are not restricted by conventional sizes but can explore and experiment with their home decor.

The Solution to the Size-Design Dilemma

It's not uncommon for someone to spot an exquisite design that resonates with their tastes and preferences, only to be let down by the rug's size. The ideal design doesn't always come in the perfect size. This is where Mehraban's custom rug service shines, eradicating the long-standing dilemma between size and design.

Mehraban's extensive and unique collections, coupled with their custom size offerings, ensure that no client has to settle for less than what they envisioned. Whether they are drawn to the stunning designs of new collections or the timeless elegance of antique pieces, the opportunity to customize their size presents an alluring proposition.These handwoven pieces, crafted by master weavers across the globe, carry the soul and spirit of their creators. When these artful creations find their place in the client's homes or workspaces, they fit perfectly - not just in size but also in their essence.

The Customization Process at Mehraban: A Journey to Perfect Fit

At Mehraban, the journey to a perfect custom-size rug begins with a vision - a concept that springs from the client's needs and aesthetic preferences. Clients are empowered to dictate the specifications of their rugs, transforming their visions into tangible, luxurious rugs. This process extends to the very threads of the rug, where the magic of the weavers' hands intertwines with the individuality of each client's space, producing one-of-a-kind pieces that are as distinct as they are harmonious.

Behind the scenes of each bespoke rug, a commitment to uncompromising quality and painstaking attention to detail is evident. The chosen materials, woven by expert hands, bear the distinct qualities that Mehraban's rugs are renowned for - resilience, durability, and plush comfort. The fibers are thoughtfully sourced and carefully processed to retain their natural beauty and integrity.

The process is not just about crafting rugs; it's about creating a seamless blend of artistry and functionality. As such, every stage of the creation process is undertaken with exceptional care. These custom size rugs are meticulously hand-washed, hand-sheared, and treated with proprietary methods that ensure their longevity and aesthetic appeal. This process that intertwines the threads of culture, craftsmanship, and individuality into unique pieces, stands as a testament to Mehraban's commitment to excellence and originality.

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