Custom Rugs

At Mehraban we can create dreamy custom rugs that perfectly complement the aesthetic of your home or business. All of our rugs are handmade with industry-leading, high-quality materials. With decades of experience in the luxury designer rug industry, we can guarantee that we will bring all of your dreams and visions to life! Enjoy artistic freedom, intimate creative expression, and sophistication with your own custom design rugs

Whether it’s your home or business, you know your space best. After all, it is yours. With your vision and our expertise, we can create a perfect piece of floor art. Together as a team, let’s create a custom rug that will seamlessly tie into your favorite space. 

We’ll work on the texture, color, shape, and size of your area rug. The texture of your rug is one of the most important design elements of the entire piece. Different textures work best for different environments. Silk, bamboo, wool, a combination? At Mehraban we can offer a variety of textures for your custom design rugs.

Having a skillfully handmade rug with colors that are meaningful to you adds an amazing personal touch to your space. Every single color has meaning. Blue has calming effects and represents honesty. The color purple represents passion and royalty. The color yellow represents manifestation and creativity. Infuse meaningful colors in your custom design rug and make your home complete.

When you design a custom rug with us, you can make sure that it is shaped perfectly for your home or business. Long or short? Narrow or wide? We guarantee that your area rug will be the perfect fit with our custom measurements! 

Custom design rugs can also be timeless and luxurious family heirlooms. With a durable custom rug, you can honor your family roots, memories, and hopes for many generations. Mehraban rugs define timeless luxury and we create much more than just rugs — we create floor art. Tell a story, paint your dreams, imagine the future and design a custom rug with us! Give us a call at (310) 657-4400, email us, or visit us today.