Collection: Modern Runner Rugs

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More About Modern Runner Rugs

Modern runner rugs bring aesthetic harmony and noise-absorbing properties to transitional spaces such as hallways, entryways, or staircases. Their elongated dimensions allow for seamless integration into narrow areas, adding depth, dimension, and visual integration. And their ability to reduce ambient noise can be an important consideration too. 

Modern runners are available in varied widths to accommodate different types of transitional spaces. From the two to three foot wide long runners suitable for narrow hallways or stairs, to wider pieces perfect for foyers, entryways and other transitional areas, a beautiful rug can be found. 

What type of pattern and texture should you choose? Modern runner rugs can be textural experiences, or convey clean-cut sophistication. In selecting a modern runner, select tones which complement artwork or wall coverings. Pops of color can be an exciting touch in a transitional space. Or in other cases, an understated neutral is in order. Consider the lighting of the area. Do windows or skylights provide natural illumination? Is a light-toned rug the right direction? Or do richer tones appeal? You may want to try a few options on site to experience the aesthetic effects first hand. Whatever your vision, a modern runner rug can be found for you.

At Mehraban we carry modern runner rugs in numerous popular designs and styles. For refined geometric modern runners, explore the Erica Islas Collection. This iconic collection of rugs is the fruit of a collaboration with LA designer Erica Islas. While all rugs can be adapted as custom runners, Islas has created runners in the popular Sagrada and Muros designs. The Sagrada runner is a reductive abstract design in two colors. It uses lines in a radiating organization that evokes movement and  directionality. The Muros runner inspired by light and shadow in a courtyard of architect Luis Barragán, is composed of geometric color blocks.

In addition to refined Tibetan knot rugs, Mehraban’s has a number of signature collections in Moroccan-inspired constructions that have become signatures of low-key California style. From the Haute Bohemian Collection, Barguzin and Fohn are best-sellers that work in a variety of situations when texture and simplicity are of the essence.

If you’re looking for texture and a little more design, try the Tala runner, a current favorite. With its repeating chevron-inflected stripes and low pile, Tala has a modern feel with hints of Africa. A quieter textural option is the ever-popular Amihan runner. The Amihan rug’s prominent placements include the lounge of the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. And it may be the perfect addition to your hall or entry way. Amihan is available in three colorways: the light neutral Dove; Carbon, a blend of charcoal tones; and Metro, silver, whites with contrasting black details.

Additionally you may want to consider the Ibis runner rug. The Ibis design has a lengthwise directionality with decorative details in trimmed pile. It’s a soft rug underfoot with an organized yet organic feeling, and a lot of character.

For a modern eclectic feeling take a look at the Katabatic runner. This rug combines a modern design with a rich plush pile of Ghazni wool. The katabatic design features decorative grid elements in a composition of horizontal bands.      

Does the clickety-clack of hard-soled shoes down a hallway ever interrupted a client session? Or footfalls in a stairwell rouse an infant from her nap? Sound is an important consideration in both professional and domestic spaces. Runners can be a great aid in absorbing sound and minimizing echoes to reduce overall noise levels throughout the built environment. Modern runners combine this practicality with a look that suits modern design. 

Muros Runner by Erica Islas in a Hancock Park home, Photograph by Meghan Bob.