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Transitional and modern rugs combine elements of traditional and contemporary styles. Featuring modern accents like blended fibers and neutral colors blended with traditional elements such as textures and shapes, they make a grand statement while delivering effortless sophistication. However, with so many different types of Modern rugs available on the market, it can be tricky to know which one is right for your home.

 To help you make the best decision, we have put together the ultimate guide to Modern area rugs. We will cover everything from the different types of Modern rugs available to how to care for them. 

Modern Area Rugs: Colors and Materials

Modern area rugs come in a wide range of colors. Mehraban’s Sahara Collection offers a wide range of muted neutrals and earth tones. Neutrals are versatile and can be used to create a variety of looks, from calming and serene to warm and inviting. They also help to visually expand a space and make it feel brighter and airier.

Luxury modern rugs are available in a range of high-quality materials  – from silk and wool to linen and bamboo silk – in a variety of  modern textures and patterns such as geometric shapes and modern designs. Silk rugs provide an opulent sheen, while wool rugs are renowned for their durability as well as comfort underfoot, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your home.

 Modern area rugs in neutral colors are the perfect foundation for any decor style, and they can easily be dressed up or down to suit any mood or occasion. If you're looking for a modern area rug that will stand the test of time, look no further than a neutral rug.

Modern area rugs are also often intricately patterned with stunning colors, textures, and motifs. Abstract motifs and bold colors, provide visual interest to a space. Espiritu rugs are an ideal option for those who are looking for an effortless way to update their interior and create a cohesive look throughout any space.

Lighter-colored rugs tend to brighten up a room, while darker rugs can help create a more intimate or cozy atmosphere. A brightly colored rug can add a pop of color to a neutral-toned space. Conversely, a more subdued rug can help to tone down a room that is already busy with pattern and color or bring continuity to minimal interiors.


Finding Moderns Rugs with Exclusive Designs

Designer rugs are essential pieces of modern decor that bring style and elegance to a room. Reimagined modern classics, as well as dynamic contemporary designs, act as the perfect statement piece for any space. Modern designer rugs introduce a sense of sophistication to an otherwise ordinary setup. designer rugs introduce a sense of sophistication to an otherwise ordinary setup. Opting for traditionally-crafted materials such as wool or cotton, combining different woven textures and pile lengths, and complementing modern furnishings and trends, modern area rugs created through the vision of a renowned designer elevate traditional rugmaking to new heights.

On the other hand, those looking for a modern yet timeless aesthetic for their home can find no better example than California's take on bohemian modern design. These modern area rugs are a unique blend of modern, minimalistic looks and vintage, bohemian patterns and textures, creating an interesting juxtaposition of the old and new. Striking the perfect balance between modern simplicity and timeless boho aesthetic is what makes this look so beautiful — and ultimately, so inviting.