Reimagining Miami Beach: Mehraban Rugs Los Angeles in Citizen Artist's Opulent Art-Deco Revival Project

Design studio Citizen Artist had the opportunity to transform a waterfront property in Miami Beach, providing an ideal chance to explore the city's glamorous Art Deco heritage. The property, originally constructed as a modest beach shack in 1956, required a complete renovation after numerous alterations had progressively deviated from its mid-century origins. Citizen Artist, led by Rafael Kalichstein and Joshua Rose, conceived a new design concept that paid homage to Miami's Art Deco era while infusing a contemporary aesthetic.

The renovation encompassed every aspect of the property, including interior architecture, millwork, furnishings, material selection, and exterior landscape design. The project, which took nearly four years to complete, presented challenges that Citizen Artist and architect Scott Joyce Design tackled by maximizing the existing layout without adding square footage. Creative solutions, such as secret doors and custom millwork, enhanced functionality while maintaining a cohesive design.

Throughout the property, overarching themes of balance, resonance, and repetition fostered a harmonious ambiance. The use of archways, nougat-colored terrazzo floors, and pastel-toned rooms tied together the interior spaces. The exterior showcased a custom stucco with crushed seashell aggregate, reminiscent of Miami's renowned beaches.

Citizen Artist commissioned artists and artisans to create site-specific pieces, including a 24-carat gold leaf mural by Londubh Studio and bespoke furniture sourced from Paris and Florence. The integration of a carefully curated art collection, featuring works by renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst, and Andy Warhol, further enhanced the design narrative.

While the entire project exhibits impressive attention to detail and conceptual expression, the kitchen stands out as a pinnacle of artistic magic, functional ingenuity, architectural complexity, and meticulous coordination, representing a space that Citizen Artist takes immense pride in.

Citizen Artist collaboration with Mehraban Rugs in Los Angeles 

Citizen Artist, established by Emmy award-winning designer Joshua Rose and Chinese medical practitioner Rafael Kalichstein, aspires to epitomize refined discernment and a comprehensive approach to living. Merging the realms of aesthetics and sustainability, Citizen Artist crafts exquisite creations ranging from art and rugs to furniture, lighting, and accessories. Operating from their offices in Los Angeles and Miami, the innovative firm extends its expertise to encompass the design of hospitality establishments, commercial spaces, and luxurious residential projects across the globe. 

The Jungle-themed nursery showcases Los Angeles-based designer Liesel Plambeck’s rug for Mehraban and her hand-painted mural.


The owners of the property, described as a vibrant and soulful young family passionate about travel and the arts, embraced the opportunity to express their personalities through the new design direction. Their desire for colorful and serene environments and a connection to nature guided Citizen Artist's approach.

The Living room rug of choice is Citizen Artist’s original design for Mehraban Rugs in Los Angeles, Bonbons, from the 8-piece Bisous collection, inspired by human expression.

Their Baci Collection for Mehraban is also available in Mehraban’s Los Angeles Showroom and celebrates the allure of Italian-inspired mosaic design, the bonds of friendship, and the joyous experience of falling in love with a rich cultural heritage.

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