Modern Lounge Rugs: An Approach to Rugs for a Modern Lounge

Opulent or casual, public or private, a lounge may accommodate numerous activities– social mixers, quiet conversations, or a place to relax after at the end of the week– maybe cocktail in hand, or a cup of hot tea, perusing TikTok, or streaming the newest episode of your favorite podcast– regardless of whether you’re unwinding or hashing out a business plan, common to all lounge pursuits is an expectation of comfort and ease.

Kolay gelsin, let it be easy, as the Turks say–  easier said than done. A superlative lounge setting requires sensitive design planning. Take the time to get it right. Regarding the many possibilities for rugs in a lounge space, we recommend you take the quality of harmony as your guiding star. And what is harmony without a smidgeon of tension? Go for harmony– and if you’re adventurous – take it with a shake of salt. 

How to begin? You may want to start with color and then consider texture. What is the tonal direction of the furnishings, flooring and walls? Are you aiming for a light infused space, or a thicker atmosphere? Let’s look at a few examples and explore how the color and texture of rugs contributes to elegant and welcoming spaces. 

Barzugin Rug

One Palm Residence by Studio M featuring Baguzin rug from the Haute Bohemian Collection. Photographed by Oculis Project

In this homey lounge space, the Barguzin rug in ivory and soft clay harmonizes with the natural colors in wood and caning, and delivers a pleasant feel underfoot. Quiet and warm, the textural pattern of the rug adds interest to the room while retaining balance with the furnishings and artwork.

The Meliska Rug

One Palm Residence by Studio M featuring a custom Meliska rug from the Atlas Collection. Photographed by Oculis Project.

The Meliska rug is a fanciful Moroccan-inspired design in soft earthy colors that fit right in in this warm environment where the fluid lines of the furniture echo calligraphic artwork hung on the walls. 

The Amihan Rug

Amihan rug at the Santa Monica Proper styled by Kelly Wearstler

The Amhian rug here used by Kelly Wearstler in the Santa Monica Proper is a textural delight which shows itself in directional and ambient lighting. Its neutral charcoal and ivory tonalities are of a piece with the plants, organic materials and colors of the furnishings and surfaces.

Fengfeng Rug

Fengfeng rug at the DTLA Proper styled by Kelly Wearstler

The Fengfeng rug in ivory and wheat combines an organic repeat motif with textural complexity that resonates with the burl coffee table, palm, and surface treatments. This space in soft warm neutrals is a feast for the senses in its diversity of textures.

Shape Index and Release

Shape Index and Release styled at the Pendry by Shannon Palmer

Venture into vivid color with this modern lounge inspiration by Shannon Palmer. Two wool and silk rugs from Mehraban’s Design Rhymes collection in custom colorways of ivory and chartreuse elaborate on the old gold velvet upholstery and mid-century modern shapes. The smooth pile of these Tibetan knot rugs gives a formal elegance, minimizing texture in favor of pattern and shimmering chromatics. 


The Cinnabar rug in burgundy and rose creates rich color contrast and a feeling of depth in this modern lounge of sunlight and panoramic views. While the compact Tibetan knot construction conveys refinement, the arcing shapes and central (though irregular) focal point of the rug bring definition to the sitting area within the larger room. 

Beginning with examples of subtle color and active texture, and following with examples of dramatic color and lesser surface texture, we have considered some modern approaches to rugs in lounge spaces. In all cases the rugs are indispensable to the feel of the completed space, balancing and supporting furnishings and decorative elements. So next time you’re called upon to create a modern lounge, don’t leave the rug to last. Consider the rug and all the potential it holds.     

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