Santa Monica Proper

The Haute Bohemian rugs commissioned for the Santa Monica Proper Hotel are original works, meant to evoke the unique romance and breezy beach scene of Kelly Wearstler’s interiors at the hallmark property in Santa Monica. Our rugs pick up on the earthy tones of the hotel’s decor and complement them with rich textures that anchor the design.

Thoughtful Details

Guests will find our rugs in communal spaces throughout the hotel — places where people gather to rest, connect, or recharge. Kelly Wearstler’s design and our bespoke hotel rugs provide a thoughtful foundation to an elevated and comfortable guest experience.

At Mehraban, we deliver timeless design and exquisite quality to our clients and customers. The rugs found in the Santa Monica Proper Hotel are a blend of custom designs and selections from our Haute Bohemian CollectionAtlas Collection, and others.

Unparalleled Rug Design

New Mehraban rugs are conceptualized in Los Angeles by top designers. We pride ourselves on bringing together local talent to create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs that beautifully elevate the aesthetic of our clients’ spaces, including the Santa Monica Proper Hotel. After each rug is designed, it’s handwoven by skilled artisans with years of experience and imported back to the U.S. We collaborate with workshops in the Middle East and Asia to bring luxury quality into your home. Shop now to add one of our timeless pieces to your collection.