Rug Rental

At Mehraban we are happy to offer you exquisite, high-end rugs for your media project, work project, concert, or event! Add the perfect piece of stunning decor to any of your events with our short-term rug rental services. Enjoy luxury designer rugs without a long-term commitment, hassle-free! 

All of our multicultural rugs are professionally handmade with high-quality materials and designed in Los Angeles. Browse antique, modern, contemporary, vibrantly colored, neutrally colored, and more! We offer rugs in many styles, offering a wide variety for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. 

With our rug rental service, you can add an eccentric touch to any media project you are filming or a photo shoot you’re directing. Add a unique rug for TV shows, movies, commercials, photoshoots, music videos, and more! With one of our luxury designer rugs as your prime decor piece, you can create a timeless and luxurious film set that no one has ever seen before.

You can also rent one of our rugs for special occasions like corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, and engagements! Imagine getting down on one knee on a timeless antique rug or dancing the night away on a luxurious modern rug. 

If you’re an Interior Designer or Real Estate Agent, rug rentals can greatly benefit your business! Close the deal in less time by staging the most stunning and glamorous open house your clients have ever seen. Have your clients walk into a beautifully built home with well-thought-out decor that will make them never want to leave!

Our rug rentals will take your work project or event to the next level! The decor of your setting is everything and having a stunning piece of floor art is something that everyone can appreciate. Your video viewers will admire your fine attention to detail, your event guests will be in awe, and your clients will put in offer letters quicker than ever before.

Call us to book an appointment and rent a luxurious rug for your next big event or project today!