Expert Rug Cleaning And Restoration

Routine rug cleaning by an experienced rug expert is essential to maintaining the appearance, health, and longevity of your area rug. Over extended periods of time, dust can become embedded in the fibers of your rug, even if it hangs on a wall! The fringes of your rug can become soiled and disheveled. Your rug that once had vibrant colors can appear dull and bland because of the dust and dirt it has accumulated. 

At Mehraban we offer expert rug cleaning in Los Angeles so you can enjoy the true beauty your rug adds to your living space for a much longer time! Our luxury area rugs are designed to add to the feel of your home. Admire them, walk on them, or hang them! Our rugs are durable enough for you to use them in any way you’d like and also get a thorough cleaning. Mehraban rug experts clean each rug with utmost care and attention to detail.  

Having your rug professionally cleaned will benefit your overall health, the health of your family, pets, and all of the guests who enter your home. Pet dander, lead, and other pollutants can become trapped in your rugs. This can cause sneezing, coughing, sinus irritation, and more. Dust mites are especially dangerous to people with asthma and dust mite allergies. Bad bacteria that may be trapped in your area rug can cause pneumonia, strep throat, and other infections in the body. Eliminate pollutants, dust mites, dirt, and bacteria with Meharaban’s expert rug cleaning in Los Angeles

Do you remember that blissful feeling you had the first day your luxury designer rug entered your home? That incredible feeling when it was brand new? Contact us to have your rug cleaned by a rug expert today and continue to enjoy that feeling of bliss!


Expert Rug Restoration

At Mehraban our entire team is upbeat, professional, and experienced. From our in-house sales staff to our expert conservators, each member of our team has diverse knowledge and passion for luxury designer rugs

We specialize in rug restoration and our goal is to assist you in preserving the value of your timeless investment. Our cleaning professionals, expert conservators, and highly qualified weavers are top of the industry. They have an in-depth knowledge of colors, textures, and composition. Because of our team's vast knowledge of area rug restoration we are able to handle any repairs required for your antique or new rugs. 

Reasons your rug may need restoration:

  • Loose Fridges or Untied Fridge Knots - If left unrepaired loose fridges can lead to your rug unraveling. Repairing loose fridges is a rug restoration service that should not be overlooked.
  • Dry Rot - Rugs can incur dry rot after being exposed to moist or humid environments over time. Potted plants placed on or near your rug, spills, or bringing in groceries on a rainy day can all expose your rug to moisture. It’s always better to deal with dry rot sooner rather than later.
  • Moth Damage - If you have noticed that your carpet fibers have become loose for no apparent reason or you see tiny caterpillars crawling around or under your rug, you may have a moth infestation. Moths will make themselves a nice cozy home in your rug, with an all-you-can-eat buffet, and absolutely no plans to move out anytime soon.

    If you have any indication of moth damage or even just a ‘gut feeling’ call Mehraban rug restoration experts today!

Other reasons your rug may need restoration are:

  • Tears or Holes
  • Pet Damage: Chewing or Scratches
  • Dull Color
  • Flattening or Stiffness 

Don’t wait until the damages are out of control. Continue to enjoy your investment and give us a call to book an appointment with one of our area rug restoration Experts today!