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More About Red Persian Rugs

The History of Red Persian Rugs

Red Persian Rugs have long been staples in elevated home design, and for good reason. The timeless coloring evokes sentiments of prosperity, luck, and joy while the craftsmanship denotes dedication to the art of weaving.

Traditionally, many different tones of red have been created by using varying natural elements. Without access to modern dyes and processes, some of the earliest creators of red Persian rugs developed red hues of varying depths and richness by using madder root. Nomadic tribes also created red dye by using snails, beetles, flowers, and plants, to create vibrant red dye. Because of the scarcity of some of the elements of the dye, it was an expensive process, and as such the red dye was used for luxurious and exclusive rugs. 

The meaning and use of the color red in rugs

 Red has always been a powerful color, and its use in fine Persian rugs is no different. It exhibits confidence and assertion that can be tempered by complementary use of cream tones, blues, and greens. Unlike green Persian Rugs, which are harder to find, red been one of the most popular color for Persian Rugs and the famous Heriz Rugs. Associated with luxury, red is also tied to the ideas of vitality, excitement, and intensity. The use of red is a strong, deliberate choice that helps to make a statement in a room.

 Though red is a bold color, when used in a Persian rug, it becomes a complementary element in a variety of interior design styles. Use a red Persian rug as a grounding, or highlighting piece in a room, and with other deliberate choices, it will act as a unifying component to make the room feel cohesive and effortlessly styled.

 When using a red Persian rug in a design, it’s important to look at the additional colors in the rug to help create a color scheme. Blues, blacks, and creams are often woven into a red Persian rug and can be used as complementary colors in interior design. Integrate the accent colors into a room’s accessories, but recreating the red from the rug can be overpowering. Artwork, linens, and decorative elements can all pay homage to the accent rug colors. Whether it be a navy linen throw pillow, glossy black candlesticks, or a textural cream painting, using the same colors found in the rug, will create a cohesive design.

How to style a Red Persian Rug in Interior Design

 When using a red Persian rug, keep large pieces of furniture neutral, and let the rug take center stage. Colors used on that scale can often compete with neighboring elements, and the rug should be the piece that gets center stage. Smooth textiles like linen and velvet create a cozy ambiance when paired with a Persian carpet. Create a more modern look by integrating cognac leather couches or chairs into a living room with a red Persian rug.

Keep walls white to evoke an airy feel, or add a bold dark accent wall for a moody effect. Both are impactful; the right choice will be determined by the overall style or feel of a room.

Red Persian rugs are a timeless and classic decor piece that instantly elevates a room. Embrace the color and lean into its power to create a room with a one-of-a-kind rug that helps to set the tone of your home.  

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