Mehraban Windows during LCDQ Legends 2019

While you're strolling on La Cienega during LCDQ Legends 2019, don't miss the Mehraban windows with installations by designers Gary Hutton and Chad Dorsey.
Gary Hutton's window is a homage to legendary designer Verner Panton.


"We celebrate Panton’s radical innovations via formal color theory, deconstructed geometries and psychedelic atmospherics. This a kaleidoscopic, experiential synthesis of the arts I hope he would have liked.”
— Gary Hutton


Chad Dorsey creates a homage to the design legend Eileen Gray.

Chad chose Eileen Gray as his iconic design inspiration for her love and understanding of architectural spaces, international style, and well-designed furniture that is both functional, yet elegant. Her inspiration from objects and shapes, combined with elegant simplicity and restraint, resonate with Chad’s design sensibilities. Gray’s forward-thinking design of a small seaside vacation home in Roquebrune, France is the source of inspiration, melded with Mehraban textiles.

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