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Maker Monday: Mehraban Rugs

We are excited to share Maker Monday's profile of Sammy and Soheil on Aspire Home and Design.

Maker Monday: Mehraban Rugs
A dyed wool carpet adds an authentic Middle Eastern touch to a floor, inspired by vintage Moroccan techniques. 

Brothers Sammy and Soheil Mehraban are more than sibling business partners; after teaming up to open Mehraban, a Los Angeles studio selling timeless, wholly original rug designs, they began transforming lives in California and around the world. With hundreds of unconventional options, a Mehraban rug has the ability to completely alter the personality and energy of a space; abstract textured canvases, worn Iranian antiques, and shag Tulus are just a few of the not-so-hidden treasures behind the doors of Mehraban’s famous LA showroom. The La Cienega storefront ushers in everyone from design lovers to design moguls, and, like Mehraban’s expressive rugs, is more than what it initially seems. Inside, the brothers organize the After Hours Design Lounge, monthly events featuring the creme de la crop of the LA design community along with honored guests. Now a known epicenter of West Coast design, the Mehraban brothers have even more to offer than their textiles. After scouring their website and adding countless irresistible items to your cart, meet Soheil and Sammy in this week’s Maker Monday.


Show a little leg! What’s not to love about this wonderfully modern printed rug from the mind of the Mehrabans. “Pose” rug from the Liesel Plambeck Collection. 

Aw Joseph – Dream country to work in?
Soheil Mehraban – Spain, of course. The history of blended cultures is apparent in the architecture and art. It’s inspiring to me.

Andrew – Vintage or new?
Soheil – I love the best of the each. I adore designers who mix vintage and new together in their projects. They create something original by combining old with new.

Andrew – Who is your ideal client?
Soheil – An ideal client is someone who is communicative with us. I like seeing through their eyes and hearing their desires for their home. There is no right or wrong. Design is a reflection of personality.

Andrew – Favorite city to recharge?
Soheil – Marrakech. There you find history, culture and great food. Did I mention great nightlife? Nightlife, yes!

Wild and youthful, this paint-splattered wool and silk Poème rug evokes emotion and is guaranteed to liven a room.  “Bisous” rug from the Bisous Collection from FORM Design Studio.

Andrew – Vintage or New?
Sammy Mehraban – I love Vintage and Antiques the most. Re-creating vintage pieces gives me joy. I never thought I could love contemporary weavings but I do. Such fine work is being done.

Andrew – What are three things you can’t live without?
Sammy – God, Love, and Laughter (and chocolate is included in God because God is all things good).

Andrew – How do you define beauty?
Sammy – It’s startling and unexpected when you recognize beauty. It makes your heart race. You know it because it’s real, something that can’t be easily accomplished.

Andrew – What is one Instagram account you can’t live without?
Sammy – Kelly Wearstler. She is so original. I love that she isn’t afraid of color. When you meet her she is so kind and soft-spoken, while her public image is so glamorous.

This textured rug in madder draws attention and awe to the floor; while the rest of this room may be stunning, the Mehrabans’ exquisite color choice catches the eye.

About Sammy and Soheil Mehraban | Taste. Refinement. Originality. Style. Sophistication.

Known for its contemporary bespoke rug designs and unparalleled quality, the poetry, mystery and artistry of rug weaving is at the forefront of every Mehraban creation.

Mehraban’s legendary storefront has been a must-see destination in the La Cienega Design Quarter in Los Angeles for more than three decades, representing the Mehraban family’s dedication to and impact on the Los Angeles Design Community. Under the leadership of brothers Sammy and Soheil, the Mehraban showroom is currently undergoing a sophisticated renovation as a crucial step in reinventing the company as a leader in the luxury market.

Enticing discerning buyers inside the showroom’s sleek facade are thousands of truly unique, hand-crafted rug designs, ranging from priceless antiques to artistic modern collections, including Mehraban’s innovative collaborations with designers FORM Design Studio, Sue Firestone, Erinn V., and Liesel Plambeck, formerly with Kelly Wearstler. Mehraban has perfected a uniquely Californian design voice. The showroom is home to the monthly After Hours Design Lounge event series, where elite influencers, designers, press, and collectors gather to honor select design industry luminaries.

Mehraban’s exquisitely curated product lines blend inspiration and subtleties of cultures from around the globe with a quintessential California experience, making it a not-to-miss destination for tourists and native Angelenos alike.

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