LEGENDS 2022 | Feeling Golden by César Giraldo

César Giraldo is Feeling Golden with the unveiling of his Window Display for LEGENDS 2022 with Mehraban and the launch of his provocative and entirely original new rug collection Straight Lines Unexpected Curves.

 Mr. Giraldo shares about his life growing up that led him into the design world, and eventually, to the Golden State of California in the City of Angels. He takes us on a journey through his design process and inspiration behind his golden window display, along with the artistry behind his new rug collection with Mehraban.

We are honored to work side by side with one of our favorite talents in Los Angeles who has stolen our hearts with his outlook on life, personal take on design, and inspiring use of colors. Meet César Giraldo and his new luxury rug collection "Straight Lines Unexpected Curves". We think you'll like what you see. 

Events Photography from LEGENDS 2022 at Mehraban 

César Giraldo Collection Launch at Legends LCDQ 2022

Feeling Golden by César Giraldo | Legends 2022 LCDQ 

 Event proudly sponsored by Ferguson, JennAir, CA Home and Design, Cosentino, El Silencio, Tequila Dahlia, TM Italia, and Empty Vase.


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