Woven Together: How Modern Rugs Brings Us All Together

We often take things into consideration at face value. Relationships, photography, and day to day interactions are good examples of this tendency. During difficult times, we tend to think of our current situation and how dire they may be but in the grander scheme of things, things are not as bad when analyzing it in the greater context. This is no criticism of this humanistic trait, but more of a call to action. Change that approach by appreciating inanimate objects and its implied connotations, which you can ultimately learn and apply to other aspects of your life.
At first glance, a rug is seen as a decorative or functional piece. Persian rugs, modern rugs, and designer rugs all do the purpose of accentuating the look for a room, making it homelier, welcoming, or bold. It also serves the purpose as insulation by covering up open space, hiding defects in the flooring, holding down wires that can be a trip hazard, or even making a bare floor warm. But these are a few of the functional and obvious roles rugs have.
Thinking abstractly, rugs physically and conceptually bring us together. You may ask how they do so and the answer is simple. Rugs have a shared conceptual build in our minds. We all have the same utilitarian value of rugs, be it used as a decorative piece or a functional piece. Because of this aspect where we are able to assign the same meaning behind the woven pieces of art, we are inherently linked. This notion bypasses any barriers societal differences may present, because anyone from North America, the Middle East, or Asia share this area of the concept map.
Understanding that all humans at the core share a similar concept map is important, because it serves to debunk stereotypes and animosities. In fact, it promotes the fairer side of humanity. All too typically, we participate in the othering of different people due to their race, food, or customs. To know that the appreciation of a fine woven rug can transcend any resistance or differences is symbolically powerful. So the next time you meet a stranger and feelings of xenophobia start to arise, think of how we all understand what a rug is for and we all use them in the same way.
Understanding and appreciating rugs have a wider implication in this world. This concept and exercise is useful because it is applicable to other facets of human existence. Instead of being pessimistic by seeing the differences in people, be optimistic and see what we all have in common. By doing so, one will approach life in a better state of mind and with a greater appreciation of things.
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