Why You Should Buy Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs will always win the battle over machine-made rugs. The pros of having a handmade rug are literally overflowing. They radiate captivating beauty and showcase deep meaning. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the top reasons why a high-end rug belongs in your home.
Durable and Long-Lasting
Handmade rugs are durable and long-lasting, making your investment worthwhile. These rugs have the potential to become family heirlooms, adding a timeless decor element to your family’s living space for many years to come. 
Our luxury rugs are handmade by highly skilled weavers. With years of experience, our weavers are able to ensure every knot and fringe is perfectly in place. Made with special care and attention, these rugs are able to fill your living space with durability and quality. We have had numerous placements in hotels and high-traffic areas, which means these rugs well and truly stand the test of time. 
Additionally, the washing process of handmade rugs is favorable since they can be fully submerged in a washing solution and come out looking brand new. Machine-made rugs, however, are not able to handle this process due to the way they are created. The finishing steps of how our rugs are made, including handwashing, hand shearing, and attention to other proprietary details, all play a crucial part in the resilience and durability of the final product.
Created with natural materials like wool, cotton, or silk, handmade rugs are incredibly sustainable. Luxury area rugs are not made with any synthetic materials and their production doesn’t add any waste into the landfill. Vibrant dyes are carefully extracted directly from plants and other natural resources. This process doesn’t create any waste or release any effluents into the environment.
The longevity of high-end rugs is another appealing feature. With proper maintenance, our area rugs will not have to be replaced or thrown away. Humanity benefits from using products that do not need constant replacement or produce any waste. 
Perfectly Imperfect 
Machine-made rugs leave little to no room for unique details or personality. Rugs that are handmade will always have a strong element of character. You will be able to feel what the weaver felt while they were delicately creating your masterpiece. You will be able to see what they’ve seen. The level of quality, detail, and soul in each handmade rug cannot be recreated in machine-made rugs.
A handmade rug is perfect for anyone looking to add genuine decor to their living space. If you are someone who appreciates the true meaning of culture and history, a high-end rug belongs in your home. Your rug will tell the story of the weaver and the journey of a people. Your rug will be a living display of organic artistry.
Increases in Value
Because of its distinctive art and style, a handmade rug never decreases in value. Your investment will remain unique and timeless for a lifetime. Similarly, vintage and antique rugs are akin to lifelong investments whose value accrues significantly over time. 
The kind of value a luxury designer rug can offer you is truly priceless, created with hours and hours of precise knowledge, experience, and skill. Made with high-quality material derived directly from natural resources and produced with much power and meaning. These features carry values that are greater than any price tag can display.
Wall or Floor Art
Display emotion and generational design in your living area. Luxury area rugs can be wall or floor art. You can even follow some of their traditional uses — try using them as seat or bed covers. 
Area rugs add personality, charm, and diversity to a room. Take a trip to Morocco or India by dancing the night away on your handmade rug. Explore Turkey and Iran by sharing deep rooted family stories after dinner. Art brings people together for all of the right reasons. Art is an expression of so many things all at once.
Investing in a high-end rug gives you the opportunity to customize your own design! Tell your own personal story with your rug. Make something completely unique to your taste and style. What’s also custom is buying a rug with Mehraban: it is not like any other sales process. It is an intensely personal experience tailored to our customers with superb customer service and experts that make it a seamless experience. Schedule a private viewing if you’re looking to add a handmade rug to your home.
Which colors represent who you are? Which scents breathe life into you? Create the perfect masterpiece to complete any area in your home or business. Choose the best size, texture, color, and more!
They’re Always in Style
A handmade rug will never go out of style. Because of the eccentric style that is created in, it will always be “trendy”. With a high end rug in your home, your guests will always ask “where did you get this?”
The classic designs and colors of these rugs have been popular for centuries. They are beautiful all year round and a classy addition to any home!
They’re a Status Symbol
Not just everyone will own a high end rug. Owning this kind of rug is an elegant status symbol. Vividly display your dedication for quality style and meaningful home design with a handmade rug. Your guests will be pleased and your colleagues will be impressed. Most importantly, you will feel proud every time you enter your home. Invest in comfort, beauty, and quality.
They’re Comfortable
The top notch quality and skillful creation of these rugs makes them very comfortable. Comfortable enough to sit on, sleep on, walk on, and more! Created with high end wool, silk, and other materials - luxury area rugs are soft and comfortable to the touch.
An investment such as this one is not one that you will ever regret. You will fall in love with your handmade rug from the moment you lay eyes on it. Enjoy spending time with the ones you love or reading a book alone in the evenings with your luxury area rug.
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