The Most Celebrated Rug Stores in Los Angeles

 If you would like your home to have the style of the homes seen in shelter magazines like Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Luxe, and more, then you should visit the store that has been featured in these publications. At Mehraban, our selection of rugs from across the world is featured in those magazines and others. Our rugs have graced the floors of all manner of homes, enhancing the design of each.
However, our rugs are not just for the immaculately designed homes featured in lifestyle magazines. Mehraban rugs are suitable for everyone. A handmade rug from our collection is appropriate for any homeowner, whether they are designing a room from scratch, or redesigning a room to give it a fresh, new look. So, come to our store, visit our showroom, and talk to one of our associates to discover why we are the best rug store in Los Angeles.
Mehraban Has Rugs From All Over The World
They may be called Oriental rugs, but in truth, our collection comes from far-flung locations that are not limited to the Far and Middle East. We carry rugs from the various regions of Morocco, so American homeowners can experience the weaving traditions of the various Berber tribes from across North Africa. Weaving traditions such as the Beni Ourain, Beni Mguild, Azilal, Boucherouite, and more.
We also carry rugs from Eastern and Western Europe; this includes traditional rugs from the Caucasus region, incorporating various traditions from the Azerbaijan region. This encompasses Chichi rugs from the city of Kuba and pieces from the Shirvan school of weaving. From Western Europe, we carry vintage Aubusson rugs from France and antique rugs from the legendary Savonnerie workshop. A trip to our showroom gives you a view into a another era, of different world cultures.
Our Rugs Are Practical and Versatile
Our vintage rugs can serve as design accessories that bring a room to life, or as statement pieces that are the centerpiece of any room. We have rugs in a variety of sizes that can serve a variety of purposes. Our larger rugs are an excellent fit for dens and sitting rooms; our smaller rugs complement areas like the fireplace or the foot of the bed. We also have runners in a range of different styles, so your hallway does not have to remain unadorned.
Our rugs do not have to be limited to placement on the floor either, many of them can be hung up on the wall as a tapestry, which makes for an interesting alternative to traditional wall art like paintings. This is a good option for older vintage and antique rugs that should not experience too much foot traffic. Smaller rugs can also be draped across a table when it is not in use to give it more visual interest. There are few limits, design-wise, to what you can accomplish with any of our rugs.
Mehraban Offers Many Different Rug Services
We do not just sell rugs, we help to maintain them as well. The rugs we sell are meant to be walked on, of course, but this means that they will have to be cleaned occasionally. You can perform most of the cleaning yourself, but there are times when professional service is necessary. We provide expert rug cleaning services that leave your rug looking as pristine as the day it was acquired.
If the unexpected should happen and your rug gets damaged, then our restoration professionals  can perform repairs that render any damage undetectable. We also offer short-term rug rentals from our extensive collection for use in photo shoots or as set decoration on film and TV sets. The diverse array of services we offer to our customers is one of the reasons why we are the most acclaimed rug purveyors in Los Angeles.
Mehraban Is The Best Rug Store In Los Angeles
Mehraban offers rugs from all over the world, each of which adds aesthetic value and visual appeal to any room in which they are situated. However, the appeal of our rugs extends beyond the mere visual. Each rug offers a window into either a modern or bygone culture that weaves its stories, culture, and traditions into the threads of every rug, tapestry, or carpet made by its artists and artisans.
Purchasing a rug from us lets you experience some of that culture for yourself in a way that is both practical and artistic. So, anyone who needs an authentic handmade rug, and wants the best service from a highly-educated, expertly-informed should visit the Mehraban showroom to discover exactly why we are the best rug store in Los Angeles.
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