The Impact of a Luxury Area Rug In Your Home

Luxury area rugs can make a glamorous and meaningful impact on your home. A high-quality area rug investment is about much more than just appearance. Area rugs add comfort and functionality to your home in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome ways your timeless area rug can make an impact in your home. 
Timeless Beauty 
A stunning area rug will brighten a dark and lifeless room within seconds. A great interior decorating tip is to carefully select the design, style, texture, and color of your floor art. You want to make sure that your luxury area rug has that “wow” effect every single time you or a guest enters your home. 
Your area rug should tastefully emphasize your current decor and theme. Choosing a beautiful area rug to place in your home can literally transform your home's entire appearance. 
Warm and Cozy
With a Mehraban rug, your home will never appear to be bare or empty. If your home has the appearance of being bare or empty it may lack personal touches. You never want your home to appear as if it has never been lived in. An area rug will not only keep your feet warm and cozy, but it adds an unspoken comfort to your living space and environment.  
When you place a luxury area rug in your home that honors your favorite colors, designs, and style, your home feels like a home. Your home should feel like a sanctuary and a safety net, at all times. An area rug is an easy fix to making your home feel warm, inviting, and welcoming. 
Sound Control 
Area rugs provide your home with sound control that is stylish and convenient. A double win! Area rugs are miracle workers at muffling sounds. Placing an area rug in a large open space will definitely minimize the number of footsteps and other sounds you may hear throughout the day. Especially if you have adorable little children or grandchildren enjoying your home.  
Compliments Furniture 
If you’re having a hard time figuring out what that missing piece is, more often than not it’s a luxury area rug. A great and simple interior decorating tip for tying a room together is adding magnificent floor art! At Mehraban we have modern pieces with bright, vibrant, and fun colors as well as stunning cool-tone pieces.
Regardless of your existing theme and style - we most definitely have something that will compliment your furniture in the most gorgeous way!
Convenient Color Changes and Styles 
Changing seasons? Holiday festivities? New furniture? Mehraban luxury area rugs will effortlessly transform your new home theme into something outstanding! An area rug makes it very easy to change the style and theme of your home according to the season or event. Instantly add a new color, texture, or pattern to your living space with little to no effort.  
Interior decorating tip: Use an area rug to divide a large room into different sections! 
If you’ve been tired of looking at the same space for a long time and you feel like you need a change, but you have no idea where to start, you should definitely use an area rug to your advantage to rearrange your home. 
Get More Tips From Us!
If you’d like to have a timeless luxury area rug in your home schedule an appointment with us or visit us in-store today! Our high-quality rugs are all handmade and designed in Los Angeles. With our wide variety of styles, we can 100% guarantee that we have something perfect for you.
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