Luxury Rugs Require Maintenance to Retain Value

A luxury rug is more than the adhesive of a room; it’s an investment. You’ll find a myriad of alluring options from which to choose from. But acquiring a luxury rug is only the initial portion of the investment. Like most works of fine art, rugs must be properly maintained in order for their value to carry on. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to preserve the quality of your rug for future generations to enjoy.
The Benefits of Wool
If you’ve recently purchased a rug, you’ll notice that your newly acquired rug is carefully woven from rich wool. Despite wool’s softness, it is a surprisingly rugged material which goes a long way to preserving the pristine quality of your luxury rug. One of wool’s most convenient qualities is the ease in which it is cleaned. You may be hesitant to vacuum your precious rug purchase but even the most extravagant rugs benefit from regular vacuuming. If you’ve purchased a wool rug, vacuuming is made even easier by the tendency for dirt to actually rest on the rug’s surface as opposed to finding its way deep within the fibers. Though wool may be a durable material, you’ll still want to refrain from subjecting any high end luxury rugs to high powered vacuum cleaners or extensions that could pull at the woven knots.
Foot Traffic is a Considerable Factor
Unlike a piece of art that adorns your wall, a rug is also meant for use and the degree to which you care for your rug depends heavily on how much foot traffic it endures. If you selected your purchase with heavy traffic in mind, be prepared to pay for a high level professional cleaning anywhere between once every three years or once annually. It’s a small price to pay for a pristine rug.
Protect Your Rugs from Sun Damage
Regular rotation of your rug also allows for evenness of wear which is vital for the overall aesthetic of the rug. Seasonal rotations use a built-in clock to help you keep abreast of your rug’s maintenance schedule. For example, Los Angeles rug owners are particularly prone to the relentless California sun. If you live in a similarly sunny area, you should carefully consider how the natural lighting hits your rug. Though it is best to keep your rug out of direct sunlight if possible, many homes are not set up to accommodate such a demand. Rotating your rug regularly can at least even out the sun damage wrought by the direct light.
Rug Pads Provide Reinforcement
Another means of protecting your rug from unnecessary degrees of damage is through equipping it with a decent rug pad. A rug pad offers reinforcement and support to a luxury rug while also protecting it from the harshness of hardwood, tile, or concrete floors. You should be able to find quality rug pads from the same rug store where you purchased your luxury rug. 
Treating a Spill on Your Luxury Rug
If you should have the misfortune of spilling anything on your rug, you may be able to save yourself from the damage if you act quickly. The spillage area should be blotted at using a fresh white towel. Rubbing at the spill risks rendering more damage to the rug. After the initial blotting, apply a minimal amount of hot water to the towel and continue blotting as a means of reducing the severity of the stain. You can then apply a dry towel to soak up the wetness. Repeated application of this process may be able to remove the potential stain.
Proper maintenance of a high end rug you purchased from a luxury rug dealer doesn’t have to be a taxing experience. Each beautiful luxury rug you see is a potential investment and its value is worthy of the minimal attention to maintenance such a rug requires. Your local rug stores in Los Angeles such as Mehraban provides expert cleaning services for those that require finer care for their treasured rugs. If you follow these simple guidelines, your rug will continue to be a favored family fixture for decades to come.
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