Home Design: The Hottest Trend for the Coldest Room

Living in an eco-friendly home comes with a price. Although you are doing your part in saving the environment and lowering the costs of your home utilities through convection heating or solar panels for the roof, it’s done at the expense of comfort. The smallest things we take for granted growing up in a conventional suburban home, such as hot water ready for the tap, lush green grass, chances are that you sacrifice much functionality to lessen your carbon footprint. According to the latest home design trends that we’ve been closely monitoring, you can combine home comfort with energy efficiency by decorating your bathroom with Persian rugs.
By design and functionality, the bathroom is typically the coldest room in your home – figuratively and literally. Communal gatherings occur in spaces such as the kitchen or living room, thus necessitate the most amount of warmth and desirability. As for the bathroom, well, it’s one of the most used but aesthetically ignored spaces in terms of inclusion, rather than design and upkeep. And in truth, you cannot blame a person if they really don’t want to be hanging out in the latrines. Persian rugs, or any modern rugs are exemplary ways of countering these sentiments.
Remedy the disruption of flow in the space by combining elements normally associated with living spaces to the bathroom. Persian rugs are timeless pieces that will complicate things (in the best way) by adding sophistication, along with class. Below are a few design ideas we have noticed trending on social media, via Pinterest:
Before implementing any design trend, it is best consulting a professional. At Mehraban Rugs of Los Angeles, we’ll be more than ecstatic to provide you the latest information regarding the modern rugs in Los Angeles, or even Los Angeles rugs in general. We have the largest selection of vintage and antique rugs, and we can also guarantee the authenticity of your woven piece of art is a sound investment.
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