Custom Rugs for Los Angeles Homes

A Custom Rug is Often the Best Solution
A rug can define a room. The right rug will enhance the beauty of a room while the wrong one can make the room appear to be incomplete. Finding the right rug for your home may be difficult. The color or pattern may be off or it might not be the right size. The solution is to have a custom rug made. This will ensure your rug matches your home perfectly. The best way to have a custom rug made is to go to the reputable rug stores in Los Angeles. There, you’ll find the best works — woven by experienced craftspeople who understand the qualities that are the trademark of a custom rug.
Match Your Los Angeles Decor with a Custom Rug
The only way to get an exact match with your rug and your room is to have a custom rug made. With a custom rug, you can pick which colors you want, as well as the texture, shape, size, and style. So, for instance, if you have gray furniture and light grey walls, you can opt for something with a little gray and lots of color so that the rug becomes a focal point.
Custom rugs are easy to order when you’re working with the best rug stores in Los Angeles. Good rug stores will always have a custom rug designer on hand. Be sure your rugmaker comes highly recommended and has plenty of samples to show of their work. If you like it, you know you’ve found the right person. If not, opt for someone else.
Good Qualities of a Custom Rug
When you have a custom rug made, you want to make sure it has good qualities. Good qualities of a custom rug involve the texture, dyes, and construction. The best qualities for a great custom rug are the following:
  • Constructed from natural fibers, including wool, silk, and cotton

  • Fibers dyed with colorfast dyes

  • Woven by hand

Bad Qualities of a Custom Rug
There are several ways that a rugmaker can ruin a custom rug. You want to avoid the following when deciding what kind of rug you want:
  • Synthetic fibers such as viscose, nylon, olefin/polypropylene, acrylic, and polyester

  • Rug fibers such as rayon/viscose, sisal, and jute

  • Fugitive dyes

  • Tufted and tufted-hooked rugs

To get the best custom rugs for your home, be sure to ask a lot of questions: what are your rugs made of, what kind of dyes do you use, and how are your rugs made? If your rug maker can answer these questions with ease and can show you samples, you have a good rug maker. If they don’t know the answers to your questions, list any of the bad qualities of a custom rug, or don’t have samples, move on to someone else.
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