Start with the Rug: The best interior designers begin with the rug.

We hear it every week, whether designers are seeking Moroccan Rugs, Persian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, or Tibetan Rugs. Whatever someone is seeking the story is always the same, “I wish I bought the rug in the beginning”.
Windsor Smith, a leading designer in Los Angeles is sought for her unerring judgement, discerning eye and top tier clientele. Still, someone of Windsor’s stature goes back to the basics on projects. Begin with the rug.
There are several hundred fabrics, wallpapers and paint colors available for any given space. In many instances there is only one rug possibility. People can spend years seeking the right rug. Whether a rug is somehow more personal, a more significant commitment akin to choosing a spouse, we’re not sure. What we are certain of is life is so much easier when you begin with the rug.
A rug is comprised of a few basic elements, the most important of which is color. More specifically, a field color. The field color of the rug can set the tone for all the decisions which will follow. You can choose to compliment the color or mimic the color. In either case it’s important to select the right tone. Something truly dramatic can arise from a strong color decision. Primary colors can turn up the heat or ground a light and airy space. Coastal communities may seek refuge from the sun and bright outdoors by going neutral and quieter in tone. By taking this important step and beginning with the rug, the other colors and finished can literally be taken from the rug. The result is a easy, cohesive design in which the various pieces within a room reference each other, maintaining a pleasant conversation.
You know you’re in trouble if you’ve been to a couple of rug stores, searching in vain, carrying your swatch of aubergine sofa fabric. It might not become apparent to you in the first trip. You’ll likely encounter well-meaning and earnest rug sellers, hoping to find what you’re seeking. Still, that look in their eyes is unmistakable. Over time you’ll realize you’ve made a grave error and very well may spend the next few months, if not years, flipping through rug piles.
At Mehraban we recommend you begin with the rug. It will open up a world of possibilities. Please search for your modern or traditional rug as early in the process as possible. Share with us your Pinterest finds or travel photos. Bring us anything which has inspired you to take this important first step. Beginning with the floor plan is not too early. We maye find that a bespoke carpet is the right solution. Bespoke allows one to select and color and size desired. Beginning early allows time and options, so important when creating the most perfect space possible.
Interior design is the same in London, Paris, New York or Los angeles, in the sense that you’re driven by vision but constrained by what’s possible. Any designer can indulge the fantasy of limitless budget and complicated proportions and scale. Great designers manage expectations. After all, sooner or later we hope to occupy our creations. Better sooner than spending months on a quest for the impossible.
Visit Mehraban in the early stages of your project. We are happy to show you a wide range of materials, origins, and vintages. There are standard sizes and materials, color and texture are often driven by current fashion. Even antique rugs have periods of greater or lesser popularity. You might find the perfect antique oriental rug, in which case you’ll want to build your room around it. Creating a singular space relies on the combined pieces. Best not to compromise on any one element. Set yourself up for success by starting with the rug.
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