A Guide To Choosing The Right Contemporary Rugs For You

The types of high end rug shops offer commonly draw a striking contrast in aesthetic to the classic antique Oriental and Persian varieties. But when trying to access the flow and style of your home, a modern rug can be just as valuable as an antique.
The Varied Aesthetics in Modern Rugs Los Angeles Shops Offer
While it would be ridiculously shortsighted to describe Oriental or Persian rugs as uniform in appearance, it’s easy to notice a greater range of variety in options that rug shops offer. Immediately, you’ll notice that some take advantage of trends in bold, loud, vibrant shocks of color while others favor a subtle, understated minimal quality. You probably already have a room that dictates how you should proceed when choosing a modern rug to tie it all together. If that room is already ornately decorated, choosing a colorfully brash rug risks furthering an element of confusion to the room. Typically, chaos is not in fashion. You should be able to use your intuition to discern whether a bold modern rug choice would throw your room into visual cacophony or bring it into focus. Choosing a rug of a singular color that works with the flow of your room creates a favorable current more often than not.
However, if you’re trying to bring color to a sparse, minimal room, a boldly colorful rug may be just the adhesive you need. The dealers at these rug studios recommendation may be of high quality but you will know what works best for the room in question. Trust your instinct.
The Benefits of Starting from Scratch
Perhaps you are starting from scratch with plans for a whole new furniture set. This offers you the unique opportunity to pair your rug to your furniture early on instead of having to potentially settle for the right match based on what you’ve already acquired. Perusing your local shop offerings alongside changeable furniture options can make the process much easier and often results in the perfect fit.
Adding a New Dimension through Texture
Just as contemporary rugs are prone to offer bolder color choices than antique rugs, you can also find a wider range of textures when browsing the racks at almost any rug store. This allows you more control but also greater room for error if you’re not carefully considering how the texture will work with your room. Think about the textures of your furniture when considering a modern rug purchase. Dud you want uniformity or would your room benefit from the pairing of opposing textures?
The Importance of Considering Rug Size
Size is also a major consideration when mulling over your next rug purchase. You may find contemporary rugs with the right colors and textures, but they need to be large enough to accommodate your vision. You may have been privy to the ongoing debate on whether furniture legs should stand on or off a rug. Inevitably, this will all come down to personal preference, though buyers and designers alike have often agreed on the compromise of the front legs of a love seat or chair resting on a rug while the back legs touch the floor. Before you begin your shopping excursion, you may want to measure the area to get a feel for the size of rug that would fit your vision.
Contemporary rugs offer the creative vistas and daunting choices one expects whenever stepping out of the safe shadows of tried-and-true antique options. While the rules might be a bit more blurred, trust your aesthetic tastes and your ability to know what works for your room and you should have no trouble finding the perfect modern rug.
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