2016 Kitchen Design Trend You Need to Know

As purveyors of classical design and modernism, our designers like to push the boundaries of aesthetics. Our luxurious Persian rugs are finely weaved and durable construction had us curious about what they are truly capable of, as our modern rugs grace the walls and floors of your home. Taking a quick census of the home design climate, Persian rugs are trending as the center piece of a kitchen. Find out more about the latest trend alert: accentuating the warmest room in the home with Persian rugs.
Since the kitchen is a high traffic area, it is important to select a rug that is not high pile, or thick and tall. Food particles can fall in between fibers and dirt can get lodged in that will make the rug difficult to clean. A rug with a flat weave will make cleaning easier, and this type of construction is durable.
Another important part in picking a rug for the kitchen is considering the type of material it is constructed out of. Our wool rugs are weaved using classical techniques that have withstood time, thus making them resilient to damage and wear. The fibers of wool also add to and emphasize the distinct designs of Persian, antique, and modern rugs.
Lastly, utilize the right rug for the right look in your kitchen. For example, decorate an ornate kitchen with a simple rug. Or if your kitchen has white walls, accentuate the look with a loud, complex rug. Furniture pairing is a bit more complex, as you can mix and match various looks, such as a traditional Persian rug with industrial stools and wooden tables, or post-modern dining table and chairs.
Buying an antique Persian rug or even a modern rug can be intimidating and a daunting task. Always purchase from a reputable dealer, such as ourselves, Mehraban Rugs of Los Angeles. These woven pieces of art are an investment piece, thus commanding a premium price. Just like any well-made furniture, art, or automobile, their value will increase in the future, so be sure to purchase an authentic rug or get it appraised. Now get out there, be creative, and live an inspired life that starts from the ground up.
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