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You deserve to shop from the finest rare and opulent collection of designer rugs in the world and you have found it right here. Designed in Los Angeles and handmade across the world, Mehraban offers contemporary rugs as well as classic, antique pieces. We maintain that our floor coverings are continually defining timeless luxury.

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Handcrafted Contemporary Rugs

In seeking out high-quality contemporary rugs for your home or other cherished space, one should never overlook the level of workmanship that was involved in crafting each one of them. As is with any work of art, beauty is truly found in the details. Mehraban Rugs are filled with the soul and spirit of those who hand-weave each unique creation.

Rugs for All Tastes

Mehraban is pleased to offer a taste of something for everyone. Our Antique Vintage Collection is a favorite among many. We are also proud of our designers that we collaborate with and the designer rugs they create such as the Sue Firestone Collection.

We also offer more traditional options for those who appreciate a more classic style.

Use our size tool to narrow down your selection of contemporary rugs, based on what size of rug you require for your space. Our price tool will also be helpful in making your search options easier. From there, you are able to get more specific about what you are really looking for in regards to color, texture, age, and style. We make it easy for you to seek out what you desire.

Experts in All Spheres

At Mehraban, our impeccable reputation goes hand-in-hand with all of the additional services that we offer. We provide expert rug cleaning, expert rug restoration, certified rug appraisals, and even rug studio rental. Additionally, keep in mind that a critical part of taking care of your contemporary rugs involves placing professional rug pads underneath them. Having the proper padding is important so that the fibers and knots of your rugs are protected against excessive friction which could damage the weave. Give us a call at (310)-657-4400 to schedule an appointment or contact us here. We look forward to meeting with you and joining you on your home decoration journey! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for design inspiration.