Vintage Persian Yalameh Shiraz Rug 51378

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6' 8" x 9' 5"
Pile Weave

Antique Yalameh rug in deep red, blue, green, black, and ivory tones. The field pattern consists of rectangular compartments with latchhook diamond medallions and varied fill motifs, including stars and talismans. The main border features stepped medallions and crab lattice, framed by meander guards. Narrow bands of star motifs run throughout the design. Yalameh rugs are made in southwestern Iran, in the Fars region known for varied tribal rug productions.

This is an antique Yalameh rug featuring geometric motifs in vivid red, burgundy, blue, green, black, and ivory tones. The field pattern consists of rectangular compartments delineated by bands of star motifs. Each compartment contains a latchhook diamond medallion, a characteristic motif in Yalameh weavings. The main border features stepped medallions and crab lattice, framed by meander guards. 


Motifs of geese, flowers, stars and talismans fill the medallions and surrounding fields. These motifs reflect the nomadic life of the tribes who roam the Zagros Mountains with their sheep. It is wool from these same sheep of which the rugs are woven. Carded, spun and dyed with plant-based dyes the Yalameh wool is a superlative durable fiber.

Yalameh rugs are made by some of the oldest nomads of the Zagros Mountains in Iran. The Yalameh people are a subtribe of the Lori, thought to be the oldest of the nomadic tribes in Iran. Their weavings are geometric in style with vivid colors derived from plant dyes. Imagery in the rugs can be sourced to their itinerant mountain lifestyle. The center for Yalameh rugs is the Yalameh region, a cluster of small villages slightly north of Isfahan. It is here that Yalameh rugs are brought to market. Some Yalameh rugs are said to be woven by people of the Qashqa’i tribe, also famous as the weavers of colorful Gabbeh rugs. Whether Yalameh or Qashqa’i, the nomad weavers are most often women. Women clean, card, spin and dye the wool. The rugs are knotted on horizontal looms by women. These looms can be disassembled and reassembled with ease allowing for the nomads seasonal movements, from the warm south during winter to northern areas in Fars Province during summer months. Tribal rug imagery is developed from an array of traditional motifs which the weavers have memorized. Irregularities in the execution of the motif may be caused by disruptive events, or the whims of the weavers. These irregularities lead to evolution of designs as they are repeated from generation to generation. The smaller fill motifs may represent contemporary concerns or more personal intuitive choices on the part of the weaver. A common structural design in Yalameh rugs is the She Hoze. This design consists of stacked central hexagonal shapes with interior fill motifs or latchhook diamond medallions. The tones of Yalameh rugs tends to be consistently rich, multi-colored, with brilliant blues and deep salmons.  

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