Erica Islas

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Erica Islas Rug Collection for Mehraban Rugs is poetically inspired by Erica's love for travel, architecture, art, culture, and living life fully. Each rug has a significant meaning and inspiration from Sagrada's heartfelt tribute to Gaudis divine masterpiece, and Maison, a homage to her beloved city of Los Angeles. The designs are timeless, graphic, textural, colorful, edgy, and sophisticated. The luxury wool and silk rugs are artfully hand-knotted and crafted by master weavers.
A modernist at heart, Erica’s interiors are timeless and fun. “Form follows function” is Erica’s guiding philosophy. She approaches every project from an architectural perspective, never sacrificing usability and comfort. Her interiors are innovative, inviting, and ultimately functional. Known for her incredible Kitchens and Bathroom renovations, challenges such as small spaces and children’s rooms are welcome and embraced by Erica and her staff, as they creatively transform some of the smallest most unusable spaces to multi-functional rooms. Erica creates spaces with an unexpected element whether it be fearless and bold or classic and neutral. Every project is unique, as she tailors each project to the clients’ taste and needs for function effortlessly layering in textures, patterns, and colors for a luxurious timeless project.