Meet the Designers

César Giraldo
Design happens when a line experiences an unexpected curve and goes off into uncharted territory; a chance encounter that transcends initial ideas during creation. This collection was inspired by my appreciation of the Art Deco movement and its effects on contemporary culture.

Erica Islas
Erica Islas Collection for Mehraban Rugs is poetically inspired by Erica's love for travel, architecture, art, culture, and living life fully. The designs are timeless, graphic, textural, colorful, edgy, and sophisticated.

Claudia Afshar
The Claudia Afshar Collection from Mehraban is a luxurious combination of wool and silk compositions, inspired by contemporary architecture and natural elements. Clean and simple designs with fluting details are brought to you in sophisticated form by high-end interior design specialist, Claudia Afshar. 

Sue Firestone
Sue returns to her roots on the Malibu coastline for inspiration in this collection. Each piece arises out of a sense of the colors and atmosphere unique to this enclave, from a time in history when the line separating earth and ocean was undefined. Each rug evokes a different unique sense of the California coast.

Michael Berman
Refined design is matched with vivid tonal palettes in the Michael Berman Collection. These are stylish rugs with a unique blend of Hollywood glamour and So-Cal's Mid Century Modern.

FORM Design Studio
We have had the pleasure of creating two collections with the founders of FORM Design Studio, the Bisous Collection, and the most recent Baci Collection. The Baci Collection by FORM Design Studio is inspired by Italian mosaics, friendship, and the simple pleasures found while falling in love with the spirit of Italian culture. The Bisous Collection is inspired by the ways in which human beings express themselves: language, poetry, art, and architecture. Bisous is intended as a celebration — an exultation — shared through original artwork and expertly translated into fine rugs.

Liesel Plambeck
Liesel Plambeck is a Los Angeles based artist and designer specializing in textile and product design. Taking inspiration from the landscape of her home state California and her expansive vintage print collection, she combines the traditional art of rug making with modernist-influenced designs, creating works that are dynamic and contemporary.

Madam Chair
This collection of handmade area rugs is an adaptation of Chinmaya's patterned architectural line drawings. The set of drawings used in the design of the Zig Zig Zag Collection explores the idea of movement in a static space. The lines and strokes used to define each piece are reminiscent of ocean waves. Bita's suggestion to add texture and further enhance the pattern in how it defines the outline of each rug reinforces the idea of the edge condition; similar to an ever-changing and evolving beach shoreline. The uniquely shaped rug then takes on a new non-traditional form. 

Gina Werfel
This piece, designed by Gina Werfel for her Art on the Floor Collection, was inspired by her month-long stay in Rome. Outside of her studio window where she was living was a view of pulsating rhythm that she adapted into painterly marks. This wool and silk rug tells a beautiful story that will leave lasting impressions in any space.