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Liesel Plambeck

Liesel Plambeck is a Los Angeles based artist and designer specializing in textile and product design. Taking inspiration from the landscape of her home state California and her expansive vintage print collection, she combines the traditional art of rug making with modernist-influenced designs, creating works that are dynamic and contemporary. 

Experimentation with materials and mediums is at the core of her diverse practice, including woodcuts, painting, collage, and pen and ink, always with a painterly approach. She studied illustration and printmaking at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and has designed textiles, products, furniture, and lighting including commissioned works for Kelly Wearstler.


Liesel Plambeck Collection

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Liesel's 'Pose' rug featured on the front page of Cover magazine

From the Liesel Plambeck Collection - Top 'Fearful Symmetry' - Bottom 'Sea Surface'

Liesel Plambeck's home feature with Lonny Magazine featuring her rug 'Sea Surface'. Photographed by Meghan Bob.


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