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FORM Design Studio

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FORM Design Studio is widely recognized and admired for its sense of refinement and commitment to holistic living. The studio's work blends what is beautiful and what sustains, evolving the principle that "form follows function" so that neither leads nor follows; rather, the relationship between the two is always harmonious, cyclical, and seamless. FORM Design Studio's founding partners are Emmy award-winning designer Joshua Rose and once-Chinese medical practitioner Rafael Kalichstein.


The Bisous Collection by FORM Design Studio

The eight carpets in this collection are inspired by the ways in which human beings express themselves: language, poetry, art, and architecture. Bisous is intended as a celebration — an exultation — shared through original artwork and expertly translated into fine rugs.  

Handwoven in Nepal by Mehraban. 150 knot quality, wool and silk. 

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Bisous is a love letter. Behind each brushstroke is a thought unspoken but committed, woven in all the colors of the soul's palette.

Poème is a response to love declared, a resounding "yes."

Boom is an exuberant expression of joy.

Les Voix is inspired by the many languages we use to communicate with each other.

Le Secret is a retracted truth, an admission one dares not make.

Bonbons is the delightful moment one discovers dissonance can be delicious.

Souvenirs is a memory map, a marking of time and space through architecture.

Simpatico is inspired by a father seeing his daughter dance for the first time.


The Baci Collection by FORM Design Studio

The principal designers of FORM Design Studio have had the great fortune to spend time in Italy. It is a country they love, replete with dear friends, and in which the architecture, design, and history are as intoxicating as the cuisine. The Baci Collection for Mehraban rugs is inspired by Italian mosaics, friendship, and the simple pleasures found while falling in love with the spirit of a culture.

Handwoven in 150 knot quality, wool and silk. 

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