Madam Chair

Bita and Chinmaya are co-founders of MADAM CHAIR, an interiors styling and furnishings studio with a focus on breathing life into spaces, new and old. They both bring together their unique sense of style, culture and design experience into a single fold. Their studio work is centered around a blend of architecture and furniture and the relationship between the two. 

Bita has an interior design background with years of experience in the furniture industry, both high quality residential and commercial contract furniture. With that her approach to design always keeps the end user in mind.

Chinmaya studied architecture at SCI_Arc and has years of experience in form and pattern making. Her designs are whimsical yet practical. She has an award winning architecture studio that she co-founded with her partner Apurva in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Together, Bita and Chinmaya, are committed to bringing to life, spaces and products that have both character and longevity with a focus on craft. They have fun while crafting and always take a moment to enjoy each other’s company and energy that keeps them going. 

Architecture Inspired Interiors and Sourcing by Chinmaya and Bita. 2 founders 1 vision: design is empowering; feel the power.

Collection: ZigZigZag by Madam Chair

This collection of handmade area rugs is an adaptation of Chinmaya's patterned architectural line drawings. The set of drawings used in the design of the ZigZigZag Collection explores the idea of movement in a static space. The lines and strokes used to define each piece are reminiscent of ocean waves. The sequence of strokes and the repetition of diagonal lines in an endless series of permutations and combinations shape and layer each rug.

Bita's suggestion to add texture and further enhance the pattern in how it defines the outline of each rug reinforces the idea of the edge condition; similar to an ever changing and evolving beach shoreline. The uniquely shaped rug then takes on a new non-traditional form.

Each rug in this series is therefore named after a beach that further signifies its color, shape, form and texture.