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Haute Bohemian Rugs for Los Angeles Homes

Haute Bohemian Collection by Mehraban, designed for Malibu, California, is the hottest design export in the country.

Designed specifically for Malibu, California, the Haute Bohemian Collection originates from Morocco. It’s texture is an accessorized flat weave made of wool, the finest fabric used for rugs. You can find this rug design in the best rug stores in Los Angeles. It’s light and comfortable style reflects the Bohemian lifestyle, but with a splash of wealth added to it.


This fab design is fairly new. It first appeared in last year’s book Haute Bohemians by interior photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna. In an article in Spaces, he described the design as such:


Modern Bohemia is still flourishing, albeit in grandor settings than one might expect.

No longer starving hedonists, these so-called haute Bohemians are fine artists, collectors, editors, antiques dealers, garden designers and couturiers. They reside in textbook Bohemian settings – Paris, Ibiza, Tangier – as well as less predictable locales including Montauk, Berlin, Antwerp and San Rafael in Argentina.

Eschewing garrets, they’ve opted for medieval castles, Cotswold mansions, cliff top villas and high-ceilinged European apartments.”


Haute Bohemian is boho chic with a twist. It’s about traveling to vast destinations in the comfort of your own home. It’ll take you away to places where your free-spirit can travel and soar, but all in first-class.

What Does it Mean to be Haute Bohemian?

A Bohemian is a person who practices an unconventional lifestyle. They usually stay in the company of like-minded people and have few permanent ties. A haute Bohemian is a more economically privileged, wealthy, or even aristocratic person that practices this same lifestyle. Haute Bohemian rugs reflect this eccentric and atypical lifestyle.

What is Haute Bohemian Design?

The haute Bohemian design echoes the culture of haute Bohemians. It’s a no frills and thrills design, but has a look of richness. It’s modesty mirrors the haute Bohemian offbeat lifestyle, yet is made of all the good qualities of a designer rug. These good qualities include the following fabrics, dyes, and how the rug is made:


  • Made of natural fibers: wool, silk, cotton

  • Colorfast dyes

  • Weaving


When thinking about the design of the Haute Bohemian rug, think about the clothes the Bohemian wears. Light, carefree, and simple are the main characteristics of both the rugs and the clothes. Comfortable is another description of the Haute Bohemian collection. It’s made of vibrant colors and patterns that go well in an otherwise open room. The extravagant, rich part of these rugs is in how the rugs are made. The simple design and texture makes it Bohemian.

Where to Find Haute Bohemian Rugs in Los Angeles

The best place to find Haute Bohemian rugs is to go to the best rug stores in Los Angeles. Close to Malibu in spirit and sensibility. When going to these rug stores and mentioning Haute Bohemian rugs, they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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