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Gift Ideas for the Lover of Luxury

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Christmas is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to celebrate surrounded by your loved ones. Gifts play an important part during Christmas — a central part of the season for most that celebrate. 

It’s common to stress about getting special Christmas gifts for near and dear ones. When it’s Christmas, it’s an apt occasion to go all out and look for some luxury gift ideas. If you’re in a dilemma about what to get for the people that matter the most — to cherish for years to come — then rugs are certainly a safe bet. Here’s a list of five rug ideas that blend well with almost every décor.

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Haute Bohemian Rugs

Haute Bohemian handmade rugs foster a calm and serene environment. These subtly-colored rugs come in various types and are great for those looking for contemporary-style rugs to blend with modern home designs.

Fengfeng Haute Bohemian Rug

This natural woven earthy-toned rug represents the coast, seasons, trees, and wind. This luxurious piece makes for one of the best luxury gift ideas you can choose for those that love all things luxury or home decoration.

Cierzo Haute Bohemian Rug

Cierzo rugs are a signature collection of California and are highly recommended as a special Christmas gift. This abstract rug with subtle tones looks classy and works well for people who enjoy a minimalist approach without too many distracting features in their home.

Atlas Collection Rugs

If you are looking to get your loved ones a rug that’s not too subtle and not too loud either, then the Atlas collection by Mehraban is the perfect collection to peruse.

Kaouki Atlas Collection Rug

The luxurious woolen weave blended with a splash of bright hues and designs makes this texture pile weave rug a great conversation starter and a gorgeous center point of your home.

beautiful modern rug

Tazekka Atlas Collection Rug

When the person in question enjoys bold bright colors then the Tazekka rug from Mehraban is one of the best luxury gift ideas. These vibrant shades stand out from a distance and complement the décor in any room.

Kust Collection Rugs

These embossed textured rugs from the house of Mehraban are inspired by vintage Scandinavian designs but created to blend well with the modern world. The Kust collection rugs are perfect for people who enjoy a little bit of both.

Ulriken Kust Collection Rug

This hand-woven texture embossed rug is a symphony of balance and harmony. The colors are perfect to blend with any décor and style.

Pirouette Kust Collection Rug

This amazing rug manages to feature the tones of ivory and light brown in the most elegant way possible. It also showcases symbolic motifs which are carefully woven to craft this luxurious piece making it one of the best luxury gift ideas to get your loved ones this Christmas.

Contemporary vintage rug

Vintage Rugs

There’s something about the times gone past that feel like a warm hug. If you want to give somebody a piece of history, then a vintage rug from Mehraban is a great way to go.

Vintage Moroccan Beni M'Guild Tribe Rug

This crimson rug is perfect for Christmas. It even blends with the Christmas tree. The touch of yellow and gray woven in this exquisite woolen rug makes it a one-of-a-kind piece.

Vintage African Tuareg Mat

If you want to do something a little different, then this vintage African mat is one of the best luxury gift ideas to consider. The luxurious blend of reed and leather together makes this piece stand out, irrespective of your décor. It’s a fascinating rug that’s sure to leave people envious.

Persian Rugs

Rugs and Persia go hand in hand. When one talks of luxurious gifting items, you can't go wrong with a Persian rug that’s crafted with perfection. This Christmas, you can gift your loved ones a handmade Persian rug that will last generations making it the perfect luxury Christmas gift idea.

Antique Persian Ghashghaei

The diamond layered woven design that is akin to Geometry blended with subtle yet bright colors is what this rug is all about. If you’re not too sure what style rug to choose, the Antique Persian Ghashghaei is the way to go.

Vintage Persian Mahal Rug

When it comes to the epitome of luxury rugs, the Vintage Persian Mahal Rug is just what you need. From the delicately dancing motifs spread exquisitely across this rug to the detailed hand-knotted design, this rug has Christmas written all over it.

Spoil Your Favorite Person with a Luxury Rug This Christmas

Rugs are warm, comforting — just like the feeling of Christmas — making a luxury rug a suitable luxury gift idea for your dearest this year. After all, it isn’t something that will go lose its novelty or beauty and this special Christmas gift may be passed on for generations to come. For more guidance on something specific you have in mind for your loved one, contact us or book an appointment to view our collection of rugs in-store. 

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