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6 Tips for Decorating with Oriental Rugs

Ready for a design element to make your space shine? The right Oriental rug can define a space and its design. High-quality rugs are a long-lasting guarantee that you have a sophisticated style. Here are our six tips for decorating with Oriental rugs.

‘Gregale’ rug, Haute Bohemian Collection, Project with a1000xbetter, Kuskin and May, Gold Lion Construction. Photographed by Virtually Here Studios.

Tip #1: Coordinate Your Rug with The Rest of the Design

When decorating with Oriental rugs, the rug will often become the centerpiece and influence the rest of the room. Consider incorporating furniture and accents that create a cohesive environment that pairs well with the Oriental rug.

For cohesive design, it is best to have continuity. However, it is possible to mix patterns with Oriental rugs and create a sophisticated space. For example, you could have a common color shade between the rug and an accent wall. You don’t need everything to perfectly match, but some coordination can go a long way. The project above, for example, brings out the warm rust shade in the one-of-a-kind vintage Moroccan rug into a brighter, more contemporary orange for the accent pillows and blankets on the neutral couch. A combination of warm shades works well to open up the space of this Bayview, San Francisco residence. 

Tip #2: Consider Placement and Pile

It’s important to acknowledge the conditions you’ll be putting the rug in before you begin decorating with Oriental rugs. For example, the age, condition, and type of rug. If you’re putting a rug in the entryway that gets lots of use, you should avoid using a delicate rug that is susceptible to wear. Also, take into consideration that a rug may look great in one room but not another.

Texture and pile also play a part in the room you are creating. If you want your rug to be flexible and move around, you’ll want a higher pile rug, with more shag. Expert advice can help you to determine what pile would be best with the placement, look, and feel you want. 

Tip #3: Let the Rug Shine 

Decorating with Oriental rugs works best when you acknowledge and accentuate the uniqueness of your rug. This means you shouldn’t have bold furniture that distracts from the rug. Also, try to keep most of the pattern of the rug showing by avoiding putting furniture or other pieces over large portions of your rug. 

Think of your Oriental rug as a piece to accessorize around, rather than it as an accessory to other design elements. There’s definitely potential to overdo mixing patterns with Oriental rugs, so don’t be afraid to keep it simple and let the rug shine.

Tip #4: Measure The Dimensions

This is a practical tip for decorating with Oriental rugs, but an important one. Before choosing your rug, make sure that you measure the dimensions of the space you want it to cover. Find the rug that will fit your space without having any awkward gaps. You don’t want to have to squish the rug in. It should help the space flow naturally. 

Different spaces will work better with different sizes of rugs, and different shapes. You may find that a round rug fits the best for your living room area, but that the stairs need a rectangular runner. Don’t be afraid to see the options in person before you decide what works best for decorating with Oriental rugs. 

Mehraban antique Persian rugs

Tip #5: Keep Your Rug Clean

You might think that the process of decorating with Oriental rugs stops once you have the rug positioned in your home exactly where you want it, but really that’s only the beginning. Once the rug is in place, you still need to maintain the look you want for the rug and its space. Over time, even the brightest of shades in luxury rugs can start to look dull. Rugs with fringe, in particular, need regular maintenance to keep fringe clean and untangled. 

Professional cleaning for your rug will let you keep the bliss that comes from having a new, quality piece in your home. For damaged rugs, we also specialize in expert rug restoration. Prioritize keeping your rug in peak condition and you’ll be pleased with its longevity. 

Tip #6: Periodically Update the Design Elements Around the Rug

A high-quality, luxury rug can remain a staple feature of a space for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean that the other design elements must or should stay exactly the same the whole time the rug serves as the fixed centerpiece of that room. By periodically updating the design elements around the rug, you can help update the space and ensure that the rug keeps serving its stunning purpose. 

Decorate with Mehraban

From making sure you have the correct dimensions to considering the effect of mixing patterns with Oriental rugs, these tips will help you to incorporate an Oriental rug as a signature design feature. If you want more help with your specific circumstances, let us know or schedule an appointment to visit our Los Angeles location. We’d love nothing more than to help you find the right rug.

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