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Vintage Rugs Reach Full Color with LED Bulbs

Finding the optimum lighting for your vintage rugs is often a balancing act between presentation and preservation. Most collectors are well aware that direct sunlight threatens to severely damage antique carpets but can artificial lighting wreak similar damages? A few weeks ago, we spoke at great length about the renowned Ardabil carpet on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The ancient carpet is lit only at certain points of the day and only for a very brief period. Should your precious carpets be receiving similar treatment? Details

Using Rug Patterns and Motifs to Find a Carpet’s Story

In times of antiquity, rug artisans used great skill to weave rugs that weren’t just works of art but great stories communicated through a flowing structure of pattern and motif. While it’s undeniable that Oriental and Persian rugs are pleasing to the eye, it can be easy for some collectors to take for granted the communicative power and symbolism invoked through such masterpieces. Deciphering these stories can be an art unto itself but a few basics can start you on the right foot down a path of rich discovery with your antique carpet. Details

The Stirring History Woven Into a Rare Armenian Carpet

We’ve mentioned in our newsletter that every great rug tells a story but some rugs have an even greater wealth of history woven into their intricate patterns. Last year, the BBC ran a feature( on just such a rug. The piece in question is the property of 98-year-old Elibet Kunzler whose parents were directly involved with providing relief to the Armenian people during the First World War. Details

Handmade Rugs Say a Lot with Their Knots

Collectors searching for the finest Persian rugs on the market can attest that it can be an overwhelming experience. While the search for quality handmade rugs can be arduous if done properly, attention to detail often produces rich rewards. Familiarizing yourself with the types of knots used in luxury rugs is a vital step in being able to appraise not just a rug’s authenticity but also its quality. Details

Vintage Rugs are the Hallmark of the Celebrity Collector

With fame often comes fortune so it comes as no surprise that Hollywood celebrities past and present have found themselves able to not just own fine vintage rugs but avidly collect them. To say it’s common to find Persian rugs and other manners of fine antique carpets in the homes of the celebrity elite is an understatement. In fact, these luxury rugs have almost become synonymous with success. However, some celebrities are more loud and proud about their collections than others. Details

Differentiating Between the Three Major Divisions of Modern Rugs

While it’s easy to get lost in the luxurious antiquity of Oriental and Persian rugs, modern rugs also command our attention with fresh bold statements or new perspectives on classic styles. When searching for rugs of modern design, you’ll often find them divided into two major categories: traditional rugs and contemporary rugs. Some will fall into a less defined third category of transitional rugs. Considering all three categories, it’s important to understand that hard-and-fast rules are rarely applied in determining a rug’s placement. In other words, you can take this information more as a non-committal guidebook than a strict rulebook. With that in mind, what characteristics determine the classification of these modern carpets? Details

The Enigmatic Russian Trend of Hanging Rugs from Walls

Los Angeles spoils us with its weather, high end shopping, and art so much that one can be forgiven for taking it for granted. Fortune hasn’t smiled as fondly on other parts of the world but, despite hardships, the human longing for fine art cannot be quelled. Such is the case in a strange trend that dominated Russia and parts of the Ukraine starting in the late ‘50s or early ‘60s; a trend that has been resurrected in a blend of hipster irony and genuine nostalgia. Whereas our prized rugs grace our floors, it was more common in a Russian home to find cherished rugs adorning the walls. But while that may seem like madness from the sunny climes of L.A., there was a method to it. Details

The Ardabil Carpet: Quite Possibly The World’s Most Famous Rug

While the most famous rug in history is a debatable topic, more often than not the honor falls on the illustrious Ardabil Carpet. The Ardabil Carpet is actually a pair of rugs and a series of nomadic fragments dating back to sometime in the middle of the 16th century so they aren’t noted especially for their old age. Rather, the Ardabil Carpet pieces are considered exemplary masterpieces of Persian rug artistry. Currently, the larger rug is on display at the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington, London while the smaller rug is in the possession of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Details

Lifted Trade Embargo on Persian Rugs a Symbol of Art and Unity

Art is too often the casualty of war. Unlike the creeping degeneration of time that nips away at fresco masterpieces, war is swift and brutal: one second a proud statue stands heroically, the next finds a pile of rubble and dust. The trade embargo that the U.S. sanctioned against Iran lacked the dramatic permanent damage and rapid violence seen in the all-too-common atrocities committed against art in times of war. But U.S. art collectors still felt the intense vacuum resulting from the blockade against Persian rug trading; a feeling that bore unmistakable parallels to tragic losses of art as casualties of war. Thus it stands that the recent lifting of the trade embargo against Iran finally flows with the poetry of the Persian rug in stanzas that express unity and love. Details

Luxury Rugs Require Maintenance to Retain Value

A luxury rug is more than the adhesive of a room; it’s an investment. You’ll find a myriad of alluring options from which to choose from. But acquiring a luxury rug is only the initial portion of the investment. Like most works of fine art, rugs must be properly maintained in order for their value to carry on. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to preserve the quality of your rug for future generations to enjoy. Details

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